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The name Hooded Fang always conjures an image in my head of a wolf wearing a hoodie. This makes me laugh and, just for a fleeting second, wish that my spirit animal was a wolf wearing a hoodie. Then I quickly shake my head and recant this wish for my spirit animal is strong, wise and frumpily "with it." Of course, my spirit animal is a shirtless Mordecai Richler, whom I suspect is a spirit I share with these Hooded Fang cats.

You see, I was watching them play a couple weeks ago at the Bicycles album release and I noticed Mordecai at the other side of the room, glowing in his spiritual way and smiling his well broken-in sly smile (very much so like the Jedi deities at the end of Return of the Jedi). I waved to him, but to no avail, as he was absorbed in the band happily muttering that way he does, stomping his foot and making eye contact with approving nods at the individual musicians.

Naturally I was jealous but then I relaxed. After all, Shirtless Mordecai has enough undead wisdom for everyone. My patience paid off as afterwards he returned to my side and showed me a neat shortcut home. Graves is the first single of Hodded Fang's new album "Gravez" (go figure) out May 28th. See them, and perhaps a shirtless spirit called Mordecai Richler, live a mere few days later, May 31st at the Horseshoe.

Here's a one for a more sophisticated palate. Clarinet Panic Deluxx are a real fun act that looks on paper like its a band your mother would be very impressed you went to see. Little does Mom know that they're actually quite degenerate. Whenever I listen their music, I get the feeling that I'm going a little crazy albeit in a very pleasing way. This is augmented by a lack of vocals, which often serve as the guard rails in freak-out music, ensuring the very human act of listening to another's voice keeps your brain from swerving over the cliff of madness. Clarinet Panic Deluxx offers no such safety measure; it's just you and the music, man.

So perhaps it's best that the venue for the EP release this Sunday is SECRET until you RSVP. You don't want word to get out to the Mom community.

This EPfrom Odonis Odonis will really add some doom to your gloom if your the gloomy type who feels as if a dash of doom will improve said gloom. Why anyone would want this, I have no idea but I am the type of person who preferred the Munsters over Addams Family....

OK, I was kidding about not needing any doomy gloom. It's always fun to get a little dark, and Odonis Odonis certainly fit the bill (and I ain't talking the electricity bill (because it's dark...walka walka walka). Plus the name Odonis Odonis recalls that Richie Valen's classic Donna. Say, while we are on the subject, has anyone else noticed an absence of Frankenstein (and no, I refuse to refer to it as Frankenstein's monster because Frankenstein made the monster so why shouldn't he inherit the name?!) in pop culture for the last 20 years or so? I blame it on Robots, which more or less, scratch the same philosophical exploration-through-fantasy-creature-itch. Still, we miss ya Frankie!

Don't miss Odonis Odonis on May 17th at Lee's Palace as they support Toronto/blog favorites Metz.


If you like your rock loud, nonabrasive and without cynicism, I suggest checking out The Bawdy Electric. It's not my job to gauge sincerity in artists, but it's not hard to see the earnestness in lyrics about looking "for a family/some land/ and a home." Warms the heart. Of course, it's pure escapism for a urban deviant like me whose priorities don't extend beyond writing copy for cultural websites and my next fix of booze, babes or barbiturates (and who wears a patch spelling out Irony on the sleeve of his jean jacket). But every dirt bike (me) needs someone with a truck and a trailer (earnest people) for when they pop a tire.


More rap videos need to feature parkas worn for practical reasons and games of snow baseball.

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