Fucked Up Polaris Prize

Polaris Prize 2012 Q&A: F*cked Up

I sat down with Mike Haliechuk and Josh Zucker of hardcore punk band Fucked Up to talk about their latest Polaris nomination for David Comes to Life. The band won the prize in 2009 for The Chemistry of Common Life — and so at least a few people are wondering if lightning will strike twice at tonight's gala.

How do you think David Comes to Life stands out from the other records?

M: What are the other records? It stands out in that I've heard the entire thing.
J: It's very similar to the Feist and Cold Specks records.
M: There's less rapping than the Drake album.
J: Yamantaka // Sonic Titan is also a rock opera so there's two going up against eachother.

Please recommend one song for someone who hasn't heard the record.

M: "The Other Shoe"

What would you do with the $30,000?

J: Last time we donated some of the money. I was talking to Damien about putting the money towards a Pussy Riot benefit but..
M: A what?!
J: A Pussy Riot benefit. I dunno. I think if we won we'd probably just split the money up 6 ways and probably break up and just live off of $5,000 each for the rest of our lives. Invest it wisely.

Other than your own, what album from the shortlist do you like most?

M: I thought the Azari & III was the best but it didn't get shortlisted which was actually disturbing. Honestly the only other one I've listened to fully is the Y//S album.
J: I would say the same as Mike. They're all great.

What's David's story?

J: I dunno, you (Mike) wrote it.
M: It's a story of a young man who falls in love with a girl who comes to his town and they get involved in some political trouble and she ends up dying. So the record is about trying to find who is responsible for her death, blaming himself for it and finally a reconciliation and becoming okay with losing his love.


Favourite Toronto band right now?

M: Moon King
J: Unfinished Business

Last thing you cooked?

M: An egg sandwich.
J: Homemade hamburgers and corn on the cob.

Biggest pet peeve?

M: People that walk too slow in the park.
J: Gum chewing.

Favourite Toronto Bar?

M: The Common and Cold Tea.
J: The Local.

Last record you bought?

M: The new XX
J: Jessie Ware — it's awful.

What distracts you while on stage?

M: TVs that play sports.
J: People standing onstage behind you.

You can stream the gala live on CBC Radio 3 and SiriusXM 151 and watch it live here at 8pm EST.

Photo by Denise McMullin

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