Jon and Roy

Jon and Roy and The Secret Third Member

In the early morning, when the crunch of snow under my feet echoes down the silent streets of the Annex, I can't wait to get to the restaurant. I put on the coffee and spend the next couple minutes deciding what would be an appropriate choice of music for both the customers and me. It's a big deal to me; it could make or break my morning.

For the past two weeks I haven't had to make that decision, because nothing is so soothing or morning-friendly as Jon and Roy's sophomore album, Another Noon.

And I'm not the only one who feels that way. I know for a fact that Volkswagen, Exclaim!, and the NHL would agree with me. And after talking to Jon Middleton (vocals, guitar), the main songwriter of the eclectic duo, I have proof.

When I phoned Jon he had just undone his skates.

"I just got off the lake. We're in Banff at Lake Minnewanka; it is glorious. It's so sunny and warm here."

Last Wednesday Jon was also on the ice, but it was to sing our national anthem at an NHL game: the Vancouver Canucks vs. the Nashville Predators.

"I am a hockey fan. I used to be a huge hockey fan, but I'm not as into it as I used to be. I'm still a Vancouver fan, but it's mostly by default."

The hockey game performance was just a pit-stop on their national tour across Canada. Starting in Vancouver, they're making their way to Quebec, stopping in Toronto on Friday, February 13th to play the Rivoli. The tour is being sponsored by Exclaim! magazine, so if you're a reader you may have seen it heavily advertised.

Fans who enjo High Noon as much as I do, will be pleased to hear that there should be another album released in 2009. Jon informed me that shortly after this tour they will be heading to the studio.

"Probably in April. We have plenty of material, we just need to get it recorded."

TV viewers out there may have also heard the title track of their new album playing in the background of the latest Volkswagen commercial. Wilco had the ad campaign prior to Jon and Roy.

Although they're touring as Jon and Roy, there is a actually a secret third member. They've taken on bassist Ryan Tonelli.

"Yep, we have a new bass player. Well I guess he's our only bass player. He's been our bass player for about six months and he's only been playing for about a year. He's been training like Rocky. We have him run beside the car, while playing music... Eye of the Tiger. He's permanent; as permanent as you can be. He's adding a lot to our whole thing."

No word on a name change though. Jon and Roy and Ryan? Catchy!

Photo by Billie Woods.

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