fido jet session with tiga too many djs and the cool kids

Fido's Jet Session, Another Cool "FREE" Concert!

An important life lesson I took from my Economics class with Professor Cohen at YorkU, was that there is no such a thing as a free lunch.

So when one of the major phone companies throws a "FREE" concert it leaves me wondering what are we giving into for it.

This Thursday October 23th, you can attend Fido's Jet Session for "free" by sending a text message which will grant you a unique access code that must be presented at the venue, AKA Toronto Island. The ferry leaves at the Bathurst terminal, the Porter terminal.

In the last couple of months there have been more than a few corporate concerts: CK, Red Bull, Fido, Extreme Fitness, Virgin, amongst other. It seems that the formula of bringing hip DJs and trendy bands is working more than fine with the marketing guys.

And why not!? Who can resist the temptation of not spending any money to see one of your favorite acts. In some way, I feel this trend is going hand in hand with the mentality that young people have when it comes to the value of music.

It's funny... when I think of this concert I immediately connect with the image of Pinocchio's Pleasure Island. All these kids going on a ferry boat, to a secret island where there are loose morals and plenty of fun... little do they know they will turn into donkeys. Will they? Will I?

I'm not going to lie and pretend I don't want to go see Tiga, Too Many DJs and The Cool Kids at an out-of-the-ordinary venue - I'm actually very excited for the event!

But then I start having inner debates about what are my own limits are, or whether or not I can justify going to something like this and support the corporation.

What do you think? Is a good party worth your personal information (which could lead to eventually you paying/spending more)? Where is the line crossed? Or, given the state of the music industry, is this where the future of live music is all heading?

Fido Jet Session: Connecting people to their city and the world through travel.

Thursday, October 23, 2008 at 8:00pm
Island Airport, Take the free ferry over at the end of Bathurst at Lakeshore.
TXT JET to 10987 for your FREE TICKET

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