Pyramid Culture & The Barmitzvah Bros

The Barmitzvah Bros. | Pyramid Culture -- REVIEW

The latest installment of the Wavelength Music Series showed itself to locals 'n friends as The Barmitzvah Brothers and Pyramid Culture took the stage.

Pyramid Culture started off in their 4-micstand set-up along with trademark colours. Since this was a Halloween weekend, PyCult came out in costumes in-relation to their colours. Kat Collins said she had to rush to find something (in her colour) to wear for a costume. Sporting a body-suit that zipped up, she, and the rest of PyCult kicked off the set with their usual poses, pointing-into-the-crowd movements and grabbing-the-hair-of-the photographer/BlogTO-guy actions.


Half-way through the set, the band brought out some friends to help out in, what they call, the Pyramid Culture MEGA BAND! The additions were guitar, bass and drums. You'd think it wouldn't be much, but hearing songs about how "all girls are bitches" and banging your head to "Aspartame (Don't SWALLOW IT!!!!!!!)" with a power supporting PyCult was probably the coolest thing ever. The Mega Band were as entertaining as a new video-game for a 10-year old. Oh yes, THAT good! If you see a listing saying that Pyramid Culture will be performing with the Mega Band, just go see them. Don't ask. Just go. GO!

The Barmitzvah Brothers quickly set up and began their set right after the Mega-Awesome-Power Band took their leave. I've written about the Guelph-tacular Five about 50 times this year, but I have no limit and this band is limitless. As for Halloween costumes, they dressed up as an EMO band. All but one member: he dressed up as Elmo (must have read the memo incorrectly). The band would ask why he wasn't wearing black 'n being Emo. "You look SAAAAD", he replied in a high-pitched Elmo voice.

As always, the band performed their Bluegrass version of stompy/punky indie music with plenty of washboard and fiddle (not violin). Lead singer Jenny Mitchel was, for a short while, unrecognizable as her hair was covering the majority of her face. She did this in the attempt to be emo. Some of the songs performed last night sounded new and rather exciting. One of the last songs was very drone and somewhat saddening, but I didn't want it to end. It was something out of a TV show or a movie that felt like a TV show. Regardless, I liked it lots and can't wait to hear a recording of it.

This Wavelength signaled the end of the latest booker, Kevin Parnell. Having done an amazing job, he is now passing on the torch to Trevor Coleman for the next three months. Here's what is lined up for November:

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Sunday, November 5th
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One Heart Many Hands | Bellevue

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Sunday, November 19th
Habitat | Tasman Richardson, FameFame | The Incidentals

Wavelength 341A (@ The Gladstone)
Sunday, November 26th
(Co-presented with This Is Not a Reading Series Launch for Couch House Books' The State of the Arts (Vol. II in uTOpia series)
Scarborugh A/V | More Or Les | The Phonemes

Wavelength 341B (@ The Gladstone)
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Happy Wavelength-ing!!!

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