ZOI ZOI: A French Dance Party

There's tons of dance parties in the city. TONS! You could walk down any street in Kensington Market, UofT area or The Annex and you might just find yourself in the middle of a hip-hop-a-thon or a 50's swing night. Well, let's say you wanted some direction instead of aimless door-opening. How about something French? Something 60'ish? Something of BOTH?

Although it's not entirely 60's, ZOI ZOI is a French dance party which happens on the 4th Saturday of every month at The Boat for a wonderfully-accessible price of $5! It's run by the lovely DJ Mimi La Twisteuse and DJ Soju! The ensemble of music played ranges from crazy yeye, glammy disco, new wave, groovy and dirty soul, pop bubble gum bonbon, post-punk badaboum, glam seduction & etctrock: all en francais!

Every month this party has been alive it has been getting bigger and bigger. It gets so big that there's a line-up before 11.30! The early (and sometimes lucky ones) go shake their rears with delightfully tall drinks in their hands until they have to go for another round...then it's back to more dancing!

Once again, the party is at The Boat, starts at 10.00pm and get there early if you plan on going!!! The glamour is enough to keep you dancing all night.

(The Boat is located at 158 Augusta, Kensington Market)

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