CSNY Still Rockin' in the Free World

So there I am last night, sitting down, minding my own business when a friend calls me up. He quickly informs me that he has an extra ticket to the Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young concert at the Air Canada Centre. I jump on it without question, who knows if they will ever be in town again, this was a chance I couldn't let slip by me. While some view the resurgence of the older rock crowd as a money grab, I say it is a chance to hear some great music that I always enjoyed, performed by the men who wrote it so many years ago.

The boys took the stage around 8pm (no opener), playing for a good hour and a bit before taking an intermission. The first set was a solid collection of songs from each individual with all four taking part in the music or lyrics. When they returned to the stage, they were set up for straight acoustic, and continued on with some of the bigger tracks we are all familiar with. A few tracks from Neil's latest album Living with War found their way into the concert, with Let's Impeach the President getting the biggest reaction (they even displayed the lyrics on the screens for the audience to sing along).

Perhaps the most enthusiastic performance they gave was to Rockin' in the Free World, as they ranged across the stage firing the lyrics out with heart and soul. The only downside of the entire night was when Stills fell into the monitors at the front of the stage, injuring his hand and negating any encore (which rumour has it would have included Woodstock) despite an enormous standing ovation.

The show itself was somewhat nostalgic, no fancy video screens, fireworks or caged females painted like zebras, and to those few people who might say "Well that's not much of a show" I say this; seeing these legends of music perform live, still rocking out as hard as they did twenty years ago is what makes the show. Oh and perhaps also watching Neil Young perform complicated and incredible guitar solos just months after a stroke. Incredible.

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