Billy Talent Robbed At MMVAs

How did "Devil In A Midnight Mass" get nominated for Best Director, Best Video, Best Post Production, Best Cinematography AND Muchloud Best Rock Video... but not even win a single award?? This was just one of those songs that seemed written for TV, easily translated from lyrics like "A devil in a midnight mass / He prayed behind stained glass " into horror flick imagery. The video moves along as quickly as the song, which undoubtedly reflects a maturing sound with more aggressive guitars, signature melodies that command your attention and compelling shifts. I had goosebumps at the first few scenes of the video and couldn't stop staring at it.

So who beat our beloved Billy Talent? Kardinal Offishall?! I suppose an R&B video withOUT the use of copious pinup girls in bathtubs, bathing suits and hot cars is cause to celebrate. Instead, "Everyday (Rudebwoy)" features a 1950s family home movie vibe, complete with funky hats, paisley pants, jumpropes, an entirely brown wardrobe, card games, antique radios and old cameras. This is another song that seems made for video but evenso, after two minutes I've seen all I need to see and grow bored with the repeated images, hardly worthy of Best Video and Best Director.

The Trews took Best Post-Production with "So She's Leaving", also beating out Metric's haunting "Poster of a Girl" video (which still won Best Independent Video).


I'd have to agree that Buck 65 earned its award for Best Cinematography. Apparently creepy videos are IN at this year's awards! Filmed like a crime scene investigation, directors Micah Meisner, Rich Terfry and Adam Marsden took people's love for CSI and made a compelling and creative video for "Devil's Eyes" that makes up for Buck 65's monotone drone. I probably would never make it through the entire song on a CD without a yawn but the video was so interesting, I found myself digging the orchestral backdrop, pianos and clashing of cymbals, first appreciating the avant garde nature of this track.


Nickelback won Muchloud's Best Rock Video. Every time this song comes on the radio, I find myself screaming "AHHH" outloud and reaching instinctively for the dial. Admittedly, I first liked "Hero" but somehow (coughcough Spiderman exploitation! cough tired riffs! cough) as time progressed, Nickelback became indicative of all that is bland about Canadian rock.* However, this nostalgic video showing images of the Canadian countryside and highschool gymnasiums holds my attention. There's something Bryan Adams "Summer of 69" about this video. Yet if you ask any Canadian music fan about Nickelback, you'd be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn't groan or roll their eyes.

Who else does Much Music praise? International awards went to Rihanna ("SOS") and Greenday ("Wake Me Up When September Ends"), while People's Choice awards went to Fall Out Boy ("Dance Dance") and Kelly Clarkson ("Because of You").


Simple Plan beat out Our Lady Peace (and Nickelback!) for Favourite Canadian Group and I was ecstatic to see people chose City & Colour's Dallas Green as Favourite Canadian Artist.

To watch the winning videos and find out who won Rock Rewards for Best Use of a Nonsensical Lyric, Best Afro and Worst Use of Repeating Words, check out the official MMVA site.

*Side Note: Don't get me wrong here. I LOVE Canadian rock and think we house a LOT of amazing talent. I just don't think Nickelback is one of them.

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