Images Festival Fundraiser @ Lee's Palace

The Toronto Images Festival kicked off their 19th season with a sold-out fundraiser concert Wednesday at Lee's Palace.

Final Fantasy (Owen Pallett, whom you'd have to be living in a cave in Siberia to not know) took the stage first, in splattered painters pants and a T-shirt boldly emblazoned "FILM". Drum partner Lex Vaughn joined him half way through with a similar pixelated "VIDEO" shirt. The pair may just revive that 80's trend of quietly screaming appropriately arty statements on clothing. Frankie Say Relax. Highlights of his set included strong renditions of "Dad", "Song Song Song" and a great new song (complete with "performance art") from his upcoming album He Poos Clouds called "This Lamb Sells Condos" Anyone living downtown should get a good laugh out of that reference.


Gentleman Reg and his full band (including a new keyboardist) followed. Reg's coy audience flirtation was in fine form. He seriously never fails to charm. As always, "The Boyfriend Song" got the audience dancing, and "It's Not Safe" kept 'em there. One of the better sets I've ever seen from Reg.

The Two Koreas closed the night, harder rocking than the previous performances. Maybe it's that juxtaposition, or it's just hard to follow Pallett & Reg, but they didn't do it for me personally (apparantly the band is largely comprised of current/former Eye music critics, so I am prepared for journalistic counter-wrath over that statement). Bassist Ian Worang tumbled down Lee's right stage ramp two songs in & had a bit of trouble recovering, which was both cute in a highschool garageband kind-of-way and slightly embarrassing. Regardless, it was a well-rounded night with good performances.

BIG kudos to all the bands for graciously providing their sets for free in recognition and benefit of a good cause.

About Images Festival


: The Festival is an annual fundraising event for Toronto's Images non-profit arts organization, which seeks to promote, educate and provide access to film, video, new media and installation artwork for the public. During Festival week (which kicks off April 13th with a gala party + screenings, and runs through April 22nd), Images will be giving guided group tours to festival installation exhibits throughout Toronto's Gallery District, and special screenings for both adults and young'uns. Images also has year-round workshops and an educational handbook available on request. For more information on events and membership, visit Images Website at http://www.imagesfestival.com/

(Additional photos from this show at: Rock // Paper // Pixels.)

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