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The Green Party: A Smokin' Event

These days it's difficult to find the perfect blend between the wild, exciting vibe of a nightclub and the friendly intimacy of a loft party. However, The Green Party hosted by Universal Metropolis really captured the best of both worlds.

The location was a spacious loft nestled just off Richmond Ave. in the east end of Toronto. An outdoor patio was erected and furnished with a tarp, couches, and a heat lamp. The stage at the forefront of the living room proved to be another impressive and unique feature that drew all eyes as live the bands played. A chef was busy in the kitchen chopping up vegetables for one of the many hors d'oeuvres served throughout the night. Earlier in the day, an enormous projector screen played X-Box games for eager players.


The free party began by invitation only, as friends of friends of friends spread the word, creating an eclectic blend of attendees. While mingling, one would likely run into artists, true music lovers, graphic designers, intellectuals, rockstars, and haters of anything mainstream and Top 40 in nature. This rare crowd made meeting strangers fun and exciting. And for some, it was like an unexpected reunion of sorts, as they ran into old colleagues from high school.

All these different people were united by a common affinity for Canada's natural herbs. Staying true to form, there were several competitions for the best greens, and there was plenty to go around! This party is perhaps another example of what a free country Canada is, and even more so how Toronto earns its title of "Little Amsterdam". Drinks were also available at this shindig at five drinks for $20. There were no fights, no excessive rowdiness, no beer spilling, no pushing, no negative vibes.

Extremely talented live performers Dynamo & Badnut Beats, Saucer, and The Void also enhanced the chill vibe. Badnut Beats was especially impressive, banging his drum rhythms with such fervent passion that the crowd couldn't help but dance, clap, and get out their digital cameras. Ben Harrison made a guest appearance as the enthusiastic keyboardist for three of the four live bands. The live ambient jamming received the warmest reception and held the largest crowd, which numbered an easy 300 at one point.


Plastic Motive got the dancefloor bumping with his funky vocal-infused breakbeats. "I really don't want to leave," he confessed as he headed out after his set to play another gig. DJ Akira played some mellow DNB and Dr. Fritz erupted on the turntables, bringing the dark jungle sounds to the masses. Eppik and The Prime Minister also played some electro to keep everyone lively until 7am. It seemed that the crowd changed for the DJ portion of the night but people were always dancing.

It was a rare night for those who attended, one that varied from the typical evening of booze and acquaintances,
but that's what made it so cool.

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