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Morning Brew: Councillor eyes Expo 2025, Ford breaks election promise, a city hall play, waiting for the royals, wedding photos in Yonge-Dundas Square, and Jays lose

Casinos might be the hot topic at city hall but councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam wants to throw another ambitions project into the mix - hosting Expo 2025. The deadline for applications isn't until 2016 but Wong-Tam wants a feasibility report produced now. If she gets her way, the project could have a significant effect on Toronto's casino and waterfront revitalization projects.

In other casino/waterfront news, the National Post looks at several venues around the world that could provide inspiration for a Toronto gaming facility.

Rob Ford says he won't outsource garbage collection in the east end of the city until 2014 "when [he] gets re-elected," breaking one of his 2010 election promises. Speaking on his weekly radio show, Ford said he plans to campaign on privatized services east of Yonge during the next election, which he is apparently confident he will win. Ford managed to have collection west of Yonge privatized in 2011.

In other Ford news, the mayor urged police chief Bill Blair, under fire for the G20 policing debacle, to "hang in there."

You might think Toronto City Council meetings contain all the necessary theatrics, but Daniel Brooks' Necessary Angel Theatre Company would disagree. The group is writing a play based on city hall meetings and events. Writing for The Grid, Jonathan Goldsbie gives a sneak peak of the work in progress.

The use of cosmetic lawn chemicals has been banned for several years in Toronto and the province to protect Lake Ontario and other bodies of water from toxic runoff. While the ban prevents chemicals washing into our drains and source of tap water, the appearance of weeds on many city-owned lawns tends to make things look a little scruffy according to the Globe and Mail. When life hands you dandelions, make dandelion wine.

As we mentioned last week, Prince Charles and Camilla will be in Toronto today and tomorrow. The CBC has a handy map and itinerary if you plan to catch a glimpse of some elderly heirs this week.

Beating the crossing countdown at Yonge-Dundas Square is tough at the best of times, even with the diagonal, pedestrian scramble. Getting wedding pictures taken in the middle of the road without disrupting traffic? That's, well, a challenge. But these guys managed to pull it off this weekend.



Photo: "Got Places to Go" by HilarioDCGIII in the BlogTO Flickr pool.

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