neubacher shor gallery

Neubacher Shor Contemporary Dupont

Neubacher Shor Contemporary occupies a spot on Emerson just off Dupont that I've always thought should be some sort of art/cultural space. Located on the dead end northern side of the street beside the Shell gas station, the gallery is housed in a detached warehouse style building that's as unassuming as it gets.

Inside the story is different, as a small front room gives way to a much larger space that at least partially explains why the gallery was happy to leave its back alley space in Parkdale for life on Dupont. In so sense, the two galleries feel similar for the degree to which they're destination spots.

During the early years in Parkdale, Neubacher Shor functioned as both a gallery and event space, but over the years the focus has settled more firmly on the art, a trend one imagines will continue at the Emerson location. This is an exciting place to see young artists' work, as co-directors Manny Neubacher and Anya Shor have a keen eye for talent and transgressive creativity.

For more on the history of Neubacher Shor Contemporary, read our previous review .

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