pop physique toronto

Pop Physique Toronto

Pop Physique first opened in Los Angeles' Silver Lake neighbourhood where it become a popular fitness brand. It now has more than a dozen locations across the United States and this, its first studio in Canada.

pop physique torontoInside, the space is outfitted with fun black and white pin-up wallpaper and motifs that help brand this as a sexy workout. The studios are trimmed with rose gold appliances and there are bright pink balls and yellow rope waiting for you at the barre.

pop physique torontoDance is at its foundation and the workout is hard, intense and uncomplicated. Every movement, even the tiniest one, has a purpose to it. True to its name, it has that pop, upbeat feeling.

pop physique torontoOne of their favourite phrases here is “once inch higher, once inch lower.” It will haunt you throughout the day. The pulsing, tucking and lifting lasts right up till the very end, until sweet relief comes in the form of a deep stretch.

pop physique torontoYou don’t need to be a dancer to take a class, but Pop Physique aims to give you a dancer’s body. 

pop physique torontoInstructors encourage you to use your own body strength, and follow a pattern of intense burning and toning to work the muscle until fatigue, and then stretching and strengthening.

pop physique torontoSmall touches make the workout enjoyable. Everyone has their own mirror and barre station so you’re not inching to find a space or knocking into a neighbour. The mats are laid out prior to the class, and all weights are removed by the staff while you’re at the barre.

vA single class is $21, and a new client special is $100 for 30 days of unlimited.

pop physique toronto

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Pop Physique Toronto

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