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Rick and Morty takes over Toronto's abandoned TTC subway station

An abandoned Toronto subway station is the latest battlefront in an alien invasion. If that sounds like a great sci-fi plot, that's because it is. Sort of.

Adult Swim's smash-hit animated sci-fi/surrealist comedy Rick and Morty has landed in Toronto to promote the show's sixth season, which premieres Sept. 4.

The popular series is building up hype for the new season with a global scavenger hunt — dubbed Womageddon — asking fans to track 14 art installations in locations across the globe, and the Toronto location debuted over the weekend in the abandoned Lower Bay subway station.

Wormageddon features immersive scenes that bridge the show's season 5 finale with the season 5 premiere airing in September.

The promotion kicked off on Aug. 19 with the reveal of the initial scene in Mexico City, and the scavenger hunt has since spread across the globe, reaching every continent besides Antarctica.

The Toronto installation depicts characters Mr. Goldenfold (some think the high school math teacher shares Drake's new hairstyle) and Jaguar (voiced by the always menacing Danny Trejo) in combat with a giant alien centipede-like creature on the platform of the TTC's abandoned Lower Bay (or Bay Lower) station.

Fans are on the hunt to discover nine scenes hidden in locations around the world, following cryptic clues to discover and document the elaborate installations. The first fan to discover a location is rewarded on the spot with a life-size golden "Rick" head.

Rick and Morty fan Michael Kieffer was the first to discover the Toronto Wormageddon scene hidden at the disused Bay Lower TTC subway station.

Unless you're a TTC employee or given special access, Bay Lower is typically off-limits to members of the public, even if they're huge Rick and Morty fans.

But for a limited time, starting Aug 30., you can actually purchase a ticket to visit Lower Bay Station from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. until September 5.

The TTC's Stuart Green tells blogTO, "We're allowing 20 people max in at a time for 10 minutes to take some pics."

"Anyone can attend (assuming they've paid the appropriate TTC fare) with no other ticket required if crowds are small."

"But if there’s a larger crowd (more than 20 people on site), there will be a ticket/lineup system in place to manage flow."

Along with Toronto, locations revealed as of Aug. 29 include U.S. cities Malibu, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, as well as Mexico City, the Netherlands, Cape Town, and Praia do Léo.

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