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Here's why people in Toronto are wearing suits to go see the new Minions movie

A viral Tik Tok trend has flooded the app with thousands of videos of teens celebrating the premiere of Minions: The Rise of Gru in a particularly dapper way.

The new trend, dubbedΒ #gentleminions, involves a large pack of suave young people, mostly teenage boys, showing up to screenings of Minions 2 in sophisticated suits, blacked out sunglasses, and in some instances, ba-na-nas.

The box-office hit premiered in theatres on July 1, and since its release, large packs of sophisticated teens have been sharing their screening experiences on Tik Tok.

The youngsters are seen partaking in several #gentleminion behaviours, such as holding the door for other guests and even shaking hands with movie theatre staff.

Although the trend has mostly been some innocent fun, several rowdy and misbehaving teens caused the ODEON Cinemas in the U.K. to ban the trend following "recent disturbances."

In a tweet, the cinema company announced that "any group of guests in formal attire will be refused entry for showings of Minions: The Rise of Gru."

While some cinemas in U.K. have forbidden the trend, Canada's own Cineplex theatres had a completely different response, writing, "if you suited up for #TheRiseofGru, don't forget to tag us."

Toronto-based Tik Toker @bhageshh_b amassed over 1.2 million likes on Tik Tok after a posting a #gentleminions video.

The Tik Tok shows a group of dapper teens rolling up the theatre's escalator with their fingers pressed together in a classic businessman stance, dusting off their chic jackets, and leaving the movie theatre actingΒ as if they just left a high-stakes meeting.

The video then goes on to show a supposed "deliberation" between the teens, as a white board with several complicated math equations surrounding a hand-drawn minion is presented to the group.

After finishing the much-anticipated movie, the pack is seen hugging and blowing kisses to the movie poster at last.

Another Tik Tok user, @lyndon.c from B.C. garnered over 500K likes after posting a video showing a group of #gentleminions showing up to the film's screening.

The stylish bunch is seen purchasing individual ba-na-nas from a grocery store, showing up to the cinema like it's a VIP club and once again, posing in the iconic businessman stance.

Another Tik Tok shows a mob of teens rolling up to the theatre prepared to ask for 30 tickets to see the flick.

One video has a by-stander in shock as they watch a group of gentleminions walk through a mall.

If you're planning on watching the film in the next few weeks, don't be surprised if a couple gentleminions swoop in to usher you to your seat.

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