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How to celebrate Back to the Future Day in Toronto

Back to the Future Day has almost arrived in Toronto. As all fans of the iconic movie know, October 21st is the day that Marty McFly travelled to the future, and they've been anxiously awaiting his arrival since 1985. In true Toronto fashion, many spots have turned the occasion into a full-fledged event, offering everything from free movie screenings to themed tattoos.

If you don't want to spend your evening searching through your dusty VHS collection, here's where to go.

Back to the Future I & II screening (The Royal Cinema)
The Royal Cinema is hosting back to back screenings of Back to the Future I and II, so that you can watch all of Marty and Docs antics on the big screen. The show kicks off at 6 p.m. sharp (a full hour and 31 minutes after the crew's arrival to 2015).

Back to the Future: The Improv Show (Bad Dog Theatre Company)
Head to Bad Dog Theatre Company to catch a improv show and a screening of BTTF. The improv show will start at 9 p.m., using Back to the Future as the evening's comedic inspiration. Once the audience has had its laughs, the bar will show the original movie.

Back to the Future Tattoo day (New Tribe)
If you are a truly committed Back to the Future fan, New Tribe is the perfect place to celebrate the day. Get some BTTF themed ink for a good cause; all proceeds will be donated to the Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Diseases research.

The Future is Here (various Cineplex locations)
Various Cineplex locations will be showing Back to the Future films in theatres on October 21st and 25th. On the 21st, you can catch the first two films, or if you can wait the extra few days, you can see the entire trilogy on the 25th.

On Track To The Future (Dundas Video)
Witness the entire Back to the Future trilogy at Dundas Video on Wednesday. The screening will begin at 4:29, the exact time that Marty, Jennifer, and Doc blasted into 2015 in Doc's souped up DeLorean.

Back To The Future Trivia Night (Refinery Public House)
Want to do more than watch the films? Flaunt your knowledge of everyone's favourite temporal trilogy by playing a few rounds of trivia at Refinery Public House. If you know your stuff, you may just walk away with your very own hover board.

Back to the Future Trilogy Screening (Social Capital Theatre)
From October 20th to 22nd, the Social Capital Theatre will be celebrating Back to the Future. Starting with the first film on the 20th and capping off with the third installment on the 22nd, you'll be able to witness all of Marty and Docs travels (and celebrate for more than just one day).

Back to the Future Day (Hitch)
Hitch is screening the full Back to the Future trilogy on VHS. Grab a drink and watch as Marty and Doc take on the past and future. If you're seeing a new man or lady, the spot (and event) might make for the ideal first date.

What did I miss? Add where you'll be celebrating Back to the Future Day to the comments.

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