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10 actors gaining serious Oscar buzz at TIFF 2015

Year after year, TIFF marks one of the most important launching points for actors' with great performances to generate the buzz that will set them on the path to possible Oscar glory. 2015 has been an especially impressive year.

Here are 10 actors whose performances are getting serious Oscar buzz at TIFF 2015.

Abraham Attah in Beasts of No Nation/Jacob Tremblay in Room
This year there was not just one, but two child actors whose work was so good, they're being talked about for Oscar: fourteen-year-old Abraham Attah's stunning performance as a child soldier in Beasts of No Nation, and eight-year-old Jacob Tremblay for his portrayal of Jack, a five-year-old trapped in captivity with his mother in Room.

Johnny Depp in Black Mass
The film may be considered a disappointment, but not Depp's work as a mobster informant, which many are not only calling a return to form, but a return to Oscar-worthy territory.

Saoirse Ronan in Brooklyn
Ronan has emerged as one of our greatest young talents since she was nominated for Atonement when she was thirteen-years-old. Eight years later, word is her heartfelt work in Brooklyn, an adaptation of Colm T贸ib铆n's acclaimed novel, has her as a major Award contender again.

Eddie Redmayne in The Danish Girl
To the surprise of no one, last year's Best Oscar winner has lived up to the hype going into the festival for his performance in The Danish Girl, and will undoubtedly earn himself another nomination (if not an outright win) at the 2016 Academy Awards.

Alicia Vikander in The Danish Girl
Eddie Redmayne isn't the only one enjoying shoo-in status for The Danish Girl. Swedish actress Alicia Vikander (Ex-Machina, The Man From U.N.C.L.E.) has--to the surprise of some--actually almost earned more buzz than her co-star, for her performance as Gerda, the wife who must learn to adjust to her husband's desire for gender reassignment surgery.

Ellen Page in Freeheld
Page hasn't been nominated since 2008 for her role in Juno, so it's welcome news to hear Canada's own is generating Award buzz for her role in Freeheld. It's also welcome news because there are not many LGBT actors playing LGBT characters--let alone getting well-earned Oscar buzz for it.

Brie Larson in Room
If you don't yet know who Brie Larson is, you will soon thanks to her stunning performance in Room as a mother who has been held captive for seven years and is trying her five-year-old son the best life she can. If the attention her work got at TIFF is any indication, it'll be a shock if she's not at the Oscars next year.

Bryan Cranston in Trumbo
Anyone who has seen Breaking Bad knows four-time Emmy winner Bryan Cranston is a tremendous actor. So, it's no surprise that his turn as Donald Trumbo, a famous screenwriter who was blacklisted during the McCarthy years, is earning the actor enough buzz that soon an Oscar could share the shelf with those Emmys.

Cate Blanchett in Truth
Robert Redford, playing Dan Rather, may have the flashier part in Truth--about 60 Minutes investigation into whether George Bush Jr. dodged the draft. But word it's apparently Cate Blanchett, playing 60 Minutes producer Mary Mapes, who is most likely to find herself at an Oscar podium. Again.

What actors are missing from this list? Add your picks to the comments!

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Film still of Johnny Depp in Black Mass.

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