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The top 10 Twitter accounts to follow during TIFF 2014

During TIFF a smartphone can become something like a Swiss Army knife: a multi-use, all-purpose lifesaver. With it you can check the weather so you know to bring an umbrella for waiting in line, or you can check subway delays so you know to mad-dash to your next screening by cab instead. You can also check Twitter to get a day-by-day update on what films are generating buzz (good or bad) and choose to update your line-up accordingly.

Of course, for the best results, you have to follow the right people on Twitter. Here then are a few must-follow film professionals (more than half of which are Torontonians) to add to your Twitter feed. You can trust them not just for good assessments of what's at TIFF, but also tweeting entertainment in general for all you movie buffs out there.

Cameron Bailey
The artistic director of TIFF, Bailey remains a perpetual (and social media savvy) cheerleader throughout the festival, offering encouragement and support for its moviegoers. He even acts as your own personal Netflix algorithm with #Twitterpalooza last year when he and Kerri Craddock (below) prompted people to tweet them their favorite movies, and then the TIFF-honchos recommended appropriate festival flicks to check out.

Kerri Craddock
TIFF's Director of Programming, Craddock was a particular invaluable follow last year thanks to her Top 10 lists of recommendations that were arranged by fun themes like Films That Will Melt Your Heart, Personal Stories, and Sexy. She, like Bailey, are essentially follows because of how accessible they make their vast knowledge of their own TIFF line-up.

Monika Bartyzel
Creator of the popular and widely read Girls on Film column--which offers an essential feminist look at film--Bartyzel is a good TIFF follow not just for her tweet reviews in general, but for her take on what's interesting in fem-con at the festival. She's also a big Canadian Content lover, so she's worth a follow for that alone too.

Calum Marsh
A critic for Village Voice and Sight & Sound, Marsh has also written for New Yorker, Esquire, Playboy, Hazlitt and more. He's a must-follow because you don't get to write for those kinds of publications without being a fantastic film critic, but he's especially a must for those of you who are art film inclined and love your humor (and occasional takedown) as dry and witty as possible. Valuable qualities to have in someone you follow during TIFF.

Peter Howell
Film critic for The Toronto Star, Howell offers snappy 140 character reviews for every film he sees during film festivals. They make for useful guides to get an overview of what's good, bad and ugly at TIFF. He also offers up a good deal of advance insight into what could be award worthy when the Academy Awards come around.

Rachel West
A Content Producer at Cineplex, West is a lively passionate moviegoer who makes an excellent chuckle-inducing follow. She's also fond of Midnight Madness fare, making her a good resource for those of you who are similarly inclined to want your TIFF films to be on the far side of bloody.

David Ehrlich
One of the funniest tweeters in my feed, Ehrlich is also deft at writing snappy, succinct 140 characters reviews that are often as entertaining as the movies themselves. Fair warning though: Ehrlich has strong--often amusingly hyperbolic--opinions, which means there's a good chance he may decimate a movie you love at some point. But you always love him for it.

Linda Holmes
One of the best pop culture writers out there, Holmes regularly provides her keen insights for NPR. She's also a regular TIFF goer whose instant-reviews of movies at the festival--like all her tweets--are filled with sincerity and measured thought. They always feel like fully thought through movie reviews, not quickfire Twitter review capsules.

Scott Tobias
Editor of The Dissolve, one of the best movie sites out there, Tobias is a widely respected film critic and writer for a reason. He is a must-follow for his enviably succinct but dead-on Twitter assessments of the movies that roll out at TIFF.

Mike Ryan
Undisputedly one of the best celebrity interviewers out there, that alone makes Ryan a year-round follow. His humor and passion, however, make him a particularly good follow during TIFF. Also, many of his best interviews have come from the festival--like this spectacular Chris Evangs gem.

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What did I miss? Add more Twitter accounts to the comments.

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