toronto 8 film festival

8 Fest showcases small-gauge films in original format

The 8 Fest is one of the only festivals in the world devoted to all forms of small-gauge film, including Super 8, 8mm, 9.5, and loops, that also shows the films in their original formats.

The 8 Fest showcases the entire history of small gauge film--from contemporary artist works, to home movies, instructional loops, and more. Some of the work I've had the chance to preview felt much like I raided grandpa's closet, took a handful of psychedelic drugs, or a combination of the two. I can't recommend that you take drugs, but if you already find yourself on drugs, why not put the 8 Fest on your calendar?

Now returning to Toronto for its 6th year, the 8 Fest features 3 nights of screenings and live performances. There are 7 programmes this year, one regular 8mm workshop, and one artist's talk.

Below is an excerpt from my favourite entry, Collide-O-Scope by Naren Wilks. The experimental short about a man in a white room who replicates himself using Super 8 cameras was shot in one take, and using only one actor.

Also noteworthy is Ross McLaren's Winning (1979). The description below says it all.

"When Andy Warhol cant make it as a judge for the Impulse Magazine dance competition he sends his second in command, Interview Editor, Bob Colacello. Winning is as ironic and punk as the dance contest itself."

The other 8 Fest programmes include:

Zinger! Volume IV: More Tales from The Funnel Films by various artists.
Co-presented with Art Gallery of York University (AGYU).

Bageroooooo, six: Part 1
Films, loops, and film performances by various local and international artists. Co-presented with Trinity Square Video.

A powerful Super 8 feature film by Mexican experimental filmmaker Teo Hernandez, which is adapted from Oscar Wilde's play. Co-presented with Pleasure Dome.

Where The Sidewalk Ends, Montreal Showcase Begins
Films and loops by various artists. Co-presented with the Images Festival.

Bang It Out: Impulse, Warhol + Ross McLaren
Films by various artists who've all been inspired or influenced by Ross McLaren.

The Design of Everyday Life: Fashions, Interiors, and Household Objects in the 20th Century
A presentation by Home Movie History Project.

Bageroooooo, six: Part 2
Films and film performances by various artists.

The festival takes place from Friday, February 8 to Sunday, February 10, 2013 at the (licensed) Workman Arts Theatre (651 Dufferin St.). Tickets are $5 per event or you can splurge on the $25 festival passes, but note that it's cash only. Full programme details for the 2013 8 Fest can be viewed online at

Film still from Collide-o-Scope

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