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This Week in Rep Cinema: Anonymous, My Perestroika, White Christmas, St. Elmo's Fire, Home Alone, Vertigo

This Week in Rep Cinema features second run and classic film selections from cinemas such as The Fox, The Revue, The Royal, Toronto Underground Cinema, the Projection Booth, TIFF Bell Lightbox and more.

Anonymous drops in on a few cinemas this week, the uninspired political thriller that attempts to convince audiences about the true scandalous identity of Shakespeare (lover of the Queen, the Earl of Oxford) when it turns out we just don't care. You can find it at the Fox Theatre and the Revue this week.

A bunch of recommended films are still floating around at the Fox, specifically The Guard and Moneyball. A Bollywood classic screens at The Projection Booth on Sunday and Midnight in Paris is STILL PLAYING in second run at the Carlton Cinema.


A strong documentary about the changing face of a nation, through the study of a group of citizens, My Perestroika features the last generation of Soviet children, who grew up right when the Iron Curtain was lifted. The five subjects couldn't be more different, a rebel, an outcast, a punk rocker, a ballerina and a capitalist. Each of them experienced the revolution in a different way and their relationship with that history affects them to this day. Hot Docs and Sundance favourite, My Perestroika will be playing at the Royal nightly from December 5th to December 8th. Tickets will be sold 30 minutes before the screening, cash only at the door.


Two musical song-and-dance acts meet and woo each other in a picturesque cabin in the woods in Vermont at winter time in White Christmas. Starring Bing Crosby the film is full of songs written by Irving Berlin, including Bing's rendition of White Christmas which is the best-selling single of all time. The story is a familiar tale, a pair of friends and a pair of sisters meet and despite being well suited for each other, one pair falls in love and one in disgust. Luckily it all ends up fine in the end! This film is screening as part of Cineplex's classic film series, this Christmas favourite will be screened digitally and can be purchased at the cinema or online at multiple screening locations . Tickets are $5 and the film repeats on Sunday December 11th at 1pm.


If St. Elmo's Fire came out today, it would deal with a group of over-educated masters students, living in an urban environment, mooning over their quarter-life crises while watching their friends marry and have kids. Instead, in Joel Schumacher's coming-of-age story about undergrads grappling with the confusing tide of adult priorities, we still get love triangles, secret virgins, career opportunities, couples getting together and couples breaking up. While a touch more formulaic than the other Brat Pack films, St. Elmo's Fire gets most of it right. It also has all of your favourite 80's teen stars, Emilio Estevez, Rob Lowe, Ally Sheedy, Andrew McCarthy and Judd Nelson, along with Demi Moore and Andie McDowell. A snapshot in time, but a snapshot that is still relevant today. Tickets are $12 and can be purchased at the cinema or online.


Enjoy a free movie thanks to The Roncesvalles BIA this Saturday, with a screening of one of the more iconic contemporary Christmas films of the 90's, Home Alone. Poor Kevin McAllister is left all alone when his gigantic family go on vacation, but for a kid stuck in the middle, this is the best possible place to be. He spends the holidays pilfering items from his siblings rooms, staying up late and eating candy, generally having a blast. That is until he attracts the attention of some opportunistic burglars who are targeting empty homes while people are on holidays. Luckily Kevin is a bit of a menace, with booby-traps all planned out and ready to go. The screening is free but I'd get myself to the Revue early just in case.


Probably one of Hitchcock's best films (of which, there are many) Vertigo is the stuff of movie legend. The film stars Jimmy Stewart as Scottie, a troubled cop with a crippling fear of heights and after his phobia indirectly causes the death of one of his fellow officers, he quits the force. While unemployed and depressed, he's approached to tail a friend's wife Madeleine, played by Kim Novak. She's been wandering about in a daze, seemingly possessed, and her husband is convinced she'll hurt herself. Taking on the case, Scottie begins to fall deeply in love with his beautiful and haunted charge, as she displays dangerous signs of madness. The quintessential Hitchcock blonde, Novak plays a difficult role fabulously, all the more considerable since she was Hitchcock's second choice. Tickets are $12 and can be purchased at the cinema or online.


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