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TIFF Today: God Bless America, Dark Horse, Sony Pictures Classics 20th Anniversary, Your Sister's Sister, Cuchera

Today at TIFF there are several exciting events from the Mavericks programme with Francis Ford Coppola and Tilda Swinton both in town. Sadly, I doubt I'll get to those since they've gone to rush and I'm not already in line. However, there are quite a few quality films and events today that still have tickets available. If you're still recovering from last night's TIFF party/Midnight Madness screening and don't want to stand in line all day, give one of these a shot.

God Bless America (1:30pm, AMC 6)
God Bless America is a black comedy follows an unlikely pair on killing spree. A 45 year old man and a teenage girl are both fed up with the idiots around them and together they decide to take matters into their own hands. Comedian and director Bobcat Goldthwait returns to TIFF with this effort.

Dark Horse (2:30pm, Visa Screening Room - Elgin)
This dark comedy is about a thirty-something manchild (literally) who still lives at home. He doesn't know much about life beyond collecting memorabilia, and only works for his father's company on paper. He finally gets a glimpse of the real world after going on a date that very quickly leads to their engagement. Things start to get messy after that.

Sony Pictures Classics 20th Anniversary: Michael Barker and Tom Bernard (3pm, TIFF Bell Lightbox 3)
Sony Pictures is celebrating its twentieth anniversary this year and co-founders, Michael Barker and Tom Bernard, will be here discussing the past twenty years. This is a rare opportunity for amateur cinematographers and film buffs alike to peak into the world of high-profile film production.

Your Sister's Sister (6pm, Ryerson)
As implied by the title, Your Sister's Sister explores the complicated relationships that can develop out of marriage. After one husband's wife dies, a love-triangle develops between both sides of the family and those relationships get even more complicated. Thoughtful rather than crass.

Cuchera (6:45pm, AMC 10)
A recent Filipino production, Cuchera dives right into the country's drug smuggling problem. Rather than creating a doc about the issue, young director Joseph Israel Laban chose to use fiction to explore the issue and discover how drug mules become jaded and desensitized to such a dangerous world.

A big thanks to Warrior, an Alliance film in theatres September 9th, for sponsoring our coverage of the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival.

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