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TIFF Photos: Brad Pitt, Jason Statham, Kirsten Dunst, Kiefer Sutherland, Alexander Skarsgaard, U2 folk, Sarah Silverman, Eddie Vedder, Clive Owen, Sarah Polley, Viggo Mortenson & more

This doesn't bear repeating, but because I feel compelled to offer a brief text introduction to this photo roundup, I'll note that around this time of year there are a lot of celebrities to be seen around Toronto. Surprising, I know. But despite the plentiful supply of stars, another group has got them beat out in terms of sheer numbers — the photographers! Over the first four days of TIFF 2011, the paparazzi — professional and otherwise — has made its presence felt at every hotel lobby, red carpet affair, and theatre entrance. Here's a sample of some of what who they've snapped on the streets so far. Lead photo of Brad Pitt by Sam Javanrouh.

tiff, festival, celebrities

Jason Statham

tiff, festival, celebrities

Kiefer Sutherland

tiff, festival, celebrities

Kirsten Dunst

tiff, festival, celebrities

Alexander Skarsgård

tiff, festival, celebrities

Sarah Silverman

tiff, festival, celebrities

Sarah Polley

tiff, festival, celebrities

Eddie Vedder

Mr. Brainwash TIFF

Mr. Brainwash left more than giant spray paint canisters behind

Photos two through eight by Tom Ryaboi. Subsequent photos from the blogTO Flickr pool (keep 'em coming)

Bono TIFF Toronto

That guy who sings for U2 (photo by dtstuff9)

U2 TIFF Toronto

The band's "sharp" guitarist (photo by dtstuff9)

Clive Owen TIFF Toronto

Clive Owen (photo by dtstuff9)

Cameron Crowe TIFF Toronto

Cameron Crowe does the reversal thing (photo by dstuff9)

Brad Pitt TIFF Toronto

Brangelina and the paparazzi (photo by Sam Javanrouh)

Viggo Mortenson TIFF Toronto

/"Viggo Mortenson (photo by indian nomad)

Robert De Niro TIFF Toronto

Robert De Niro (photo by Josh Jenson)

Jonah Hill TIFF Toronto

A svelte-looking Jonah Hill (photo by Josh Jenson)

Gerrard Butler TIFF Toronto

Gerrard Butler (photo by Josh Jenson)

A big thanks to Abduction, an Alliance film opening in theatres on September 23rd, for sponsoring our coverage of the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival.

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