CINSSU announces final lineup of films

U of T's Cinema Studies Student Union has announced the final films that will make up its Free Friday Film series at Innis Town Hall, along with the WTF?! and a few special events. It's a good calendar rolling into April, with a broad variety of great films to close out the year.

Free Friday Films

As usual, CINSSU's Friday films start every Friday at 7:00 at Innis Town Hall, and are always free. And all of them are shown on film - a key distinction given that for many of these, you will only ever have seen them on DVD.

March 16: F for Fake
Orson Welles explores the line between reality and illusion in his perplexing and enchanting documentary.

March 23: The New World
Terrence Malick's latest film (and he doesn't make them often) explored the truth behind the legend of Pocahontas with eye-popping photography and a terrific introductory performance by Native American actress Q'Orianka Kilcher.

March 30: The Wild Bunch
One of those Films You Have To See On The Big Screen. Sam Peckinpah's western masterpiece of blood, honour, and slow motion deaths.

April 6: Terminator 2: Judgment Day
Now that Terminator 3 and the forthcoming Sarah Connor TV series have muddied the water, it's good to remember James Cameron's kickass Terminator follow-up, one of the best sequels ever made.

April 13: the year closer (TBD)
Guesses are Borat, Casino Royale, or Children of Men. (I lean towards the latter.) Keep an eye on blogTO for the final decision.

Special Events

March 21: CINSSU, SEC, and LGBTOUT present a free screening of John Cameron Mitchell's Shortbus as part of sexual awareness week. The film will be on 35mm, and starts at 8pm. One of the best films of 2006 and a landmark piece of sexual cinema and queer cinema, if you haven't seen Shortbus yet, you must see it now.

WTF?! Films

WTF?! film screenings take place at Innis Town Hall, but upstairs, in the 40-seat screening room #222. The films are shown on DVD. Doors open at 7, WTF?! shorts start at 7:15 ( we show random short films) and the movies start at 7:30.

Mar. 6th: Nowhere
Dir. Greg Araki

Mar 13th: Getting Any?
Dir. Takashi Kitano

Mar 20th: The Ruling Class
Dir. Peter Medak

Mar. 27th: The Story of Ricki-Oh
Dir. Ngai Kai Lam
We're Going to Eat You
Dir. Tsui Hark

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