TIFF 2006 - End of the Line

I was fortunate enough to score a ticket to a screening at TIFF thanks to blog-mate Sameer. I've only attended TIFF once before so I was excited at the opportunity. I'm not quite a film nerd but I do enjoy movies. I'm just too lazy to try and get tickets to the festival, lol. I attended the world premier of End of the Line preceded by a short film called The Eyes of Edward James. Both movies are of the horror genre and I am by no means a fan or an expert. I was afraid of the song from Dr. Who as a child how was I going to watch Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Even to this day I haven't seen this movie. One thing I can say is that I went into the screening with an open mind.

The Eyes of Edward James is the directorial debut of Rue Morgue creator Rodrigo Gudi単o. He directed and wrote the script. To sum it up succinctly I will say this, it was one terrifying session at the physiatrist. I really enjoyed this short film. It had a great premise and definitely made you uncomfortable while watching it. Of course, if you want to read some critics from real film people try these links at Twitch Films and Dread Central. Gudi単o debut has me wanting more and I look forward to seeing a full length feature.

Next was End of the Line, a feature from Montrealer Maurice Devereaux. The film is an apocalyptic survival story set in the bowels of a subway system. It's a new twist on the survival genre, which I found fresh and exciting. There has been talk of the budget and it's 20 day turnaround. You would think that would be a receipt for disaster but this film looked great. I was quite impressed with the gore, it was well executed and didn't look cheesy. This film started out with a scare that had everyone jumping out of their seat. I was one of them, except I was saying holy s#@t too. Nervous laughter followed as the audience knew more was to come. I laughed and cringed so much in this movie. I believe that is because of Devereaux's twisted mind. Some scenes are pretty horrific and laughter is the only mechanism that I could use to combat it. I wasn't the only strange one in the theater as I heard others using the same protection. The cast is very good and they all deliver great, believable performances. I loved the ending and I won't give it away. You will just have to see it for yourself. There is another screening on Monday, Sept 11 at 3pm.

image: http://www.e.bell.ca/filmfest/2006 (my shot of the Q&A session afterwards was too horrible to post).

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