Brampton Foot Locker employee accused of ejaculating into shoes at work

Today in things you won't be able to unread, an apparent manager at the Foot Locker inside Brampton's Bramalea City Centre has been accused of performing messy sex acts with shoes, among other NSFW activities, and there's ample video evidence to back up the claims of anonymous whistleblowers.

Rumours began circulating on Friday after a now-deleted Instagram account uploaded several videos and photos showing one man exhibiting questionable (and in some instances straight up disgusting) behaviour on the job, while subsequently bragging about the fact that he's at work.

"What's up Snapchat? You're back on another episode of naked D Fly in the workplace, oh yeah," says the man in one widely-shared video, during which he can be seen completely nude in the storage room of a Foot Locker retail store.

"So as you can see, we're at Foot Locker here, there is nobody else here, only my sh*t, and I am fully, completely, 100 per cent sexy and naked."

He pans down to prove the whole naked thing and then the video, as shared by the aforementioned Instagram account, stops short. It is not clear where the clip was first shared (the man says Snapchat but it screams of OnlyFans) or when it was filmed. 

One Twitter user who, like blogTO, declined to republish the footage, shared a screenshot on Friday of one damning caption from another since-deleted Instagram account with the handle @maddie_christinaa.

The caption identifies the man as a 27-year-old from Mississauga who works as a store manager at the Bramalea City Centre Foot Locker.

"This disturbing video was posted on [the subject's] social media handles where it was then shared multiple times and seen by many people. As seen in the video, [he] was in the inventory room of Foot Locker completely naked, where later on in the video he had confessed to ejaculting in shoes then bringing them to store front where customers could be exposed to bodily fluids," it reads.

"This is a huge health risk and hygienic issue. In addition to these trying times where health and safety is expected to be at peak measures especially with COVID-19. Footlocker has FAILED to meet customers' expectations... we demand that this manner [sic] needs to be throughly investigated and proper protocols need to be in place."

It wasn't long before 6ixbuzz shared this caption, the aforementioned nude clip, and a graphic image showing some sort of whiteish substance on the insole of a sneaker, writing "the man in question posted himself on multiple occasions violating customers' shoes in Foot Locker's Bramalea City Center location."

Peel Regional Police have yet to reply to a request for comment about the man's identity and whether or not he is facing charges, but a spokesperson for Foot Locker Inc. has confirmed to blogTO that they're aware of at least one video.

"Foot Locker is committed to operating with the highest ethical standards and this type of behavior is not tolerated," said the spokesperson. 

"We are aware of the incident and are taking the appropriate steps to address the situation."

While we don't know who started the anonymous, now-defunct Instagram account dedicated to sharing the incriminating videos, photos and stories, the rumours have taken on a life of their own via Twitter and in IG comments (more than 75,000 people have now liked the 6ixbuzzTV post alone).

"This why it takes so long to get my kicks from the back?" joked one commenter.

"No way FootLocker management is naked vlogging in Brampton," tweeted another. "The west end shows it's *ss periodically but I never thought it'd be literal."

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