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You can now place a bid on a Canadian Olympian's gold winning swimsuit

If you've always wanted to own an award-winning swimsuit, look no further, there's now an auction where you can buy gear worn by Canadian Olympians. 

An autographed swimsuit worn by Maggie Mac Neil at the 2020 Olympics Games in Tokyo is currently bidding at $1000. 

Mac Neil wore the exact same suit when she scored a gold medal for the women's 100-metre butterfly, making it a one-of-a-kind item. The swimmer holds the distinction of being a world champion and an Americas record holder for the event. 

There's a series of other racing suits available for auction from more Canadian Olympic swimmers too. 

Penny Oleksiak has an autographed suit up for sale, the same one worn when she won a record-setting seventh Olympic medal, becoming Canada's most decorated Olympian in the process. 

Oleksiak's suit is also currently bidding at a minimum of $1000. 

Other Olympian suits that are part of the auction belong to Kayla Sanchez, Summer McIntosh, and Joshua Liendo at the 2020 Tokyo games. 

McIntosh has the most expensive current bid for a suit in the auction, set at $1,300 minimum. 

There are two more suits from the Paralympic Games, which belong to Aurélie Rivard and Danielle Dorris, who set world records in their respective swimming competitions. 

If suits aren't your thing, the auction also has a bunch of autographed swimming caps which are bidding for a lot cheaper, the minimum being $50. 

The most expensive cap is currently set at $250 and belonged to Rebecca Smith, who wore it when she won a silver medal for the 4x100 metre freestyle relay. 

If you're looking to make a bid on any of the gear, you should move quickly, as the suits and swim caps will only be available on the site for the next six days. 

That is, unless they're scooped up by other Olympic enthusiasts, sooner than that. 

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