Kevin Kodra

Toronto teen goes viral with ultra-glam grad photo

A local high school student is blowing up the global beauty industry this week with what might be one of the most attractive yearbook photos ever taken.

Like, seriously, have you ever seen a teenager with makeup that's both this extra and this flawless? Aside from Kylie Jenner?

Kevin Kodra is a talented local makeup artist who just so happens to be graduating from Bishop Allen Academy in Etobicoke this year. He crafted the look below, which he described as "natural" in an interview, for his senior photo.

It took him about four hours to get the heavily-contoured yet ethereal look just right, but it paid off in spades.

"Throughout my high school career, my yearbook photos were always the ones that kids would laugh at when we would get the final yearbook at the end of the semester," he said to Business Insider. "I was tired of not feeling attractive."

Thus, when it came time for grad photos, he paired his part-time passion with his academic stole and voila: "I did what makes me feel most glamorous: a bronzy, glowy look."

F2 made me tan

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Kodra's popular Instagram account is filled with photos of equally impressive, self-created beauty looks.

The few photos in which he wears a bare face further demonstrate how talented the teenager is at transformations, as do his next-level makeup tutorials and growing body of special effects work.

"I couldn't even get my A's straight," he joked in the caption of his now-viral post on Tuesday. "In honour of my 18th birthday, here's my senior photo... Thank you to everyone who was by my side every single day."

Kodra already had a sizeable following on Instagram before publishing his graduation photo, but the attention he's been receiving ever since could very well help him launch a career in Hollywood (as planned) after high-school. 

At the very least, it's left him swimming in potential clients.

"I need you at my grad school graduation and wedding please and thank you," wrote one commenter on Instagram. "This look slays life."

"So do I get a slight discount if I book you two years in advance lol?" asked another.

The 18-year-old Torontonian seems to be taking it all in stride, responding to fans and addressing his newfound fame on Twitter.

"Be who you want to be," he told Business Insider when asked if he had advice for other high school grads.

"If you're a 6-foot-1-inch, Albanian, bearded man who wants to wear lashes, do it," he continued. "And, trust me, it's exhilarating."

Lead photo by

Kevin Kodra/Instagram

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