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The top 20 Halloween costume ideas for 2015

Halloween costume ideas in Toronto for 2015 should be easy enough to dream up, given what an eventful year it's been. There's been the Pan Am Games, now the MLB playoffs, and Drake/The Weeknd have pretty much taken over the world.

All of this makes it even easier to show off your hometown pride this Halloween. Perhaps you'll go all out and take inspiration from the Blue Jays, or maybe you'll be more like the supermoon lunar eclipse; you'll hype a party for weeks and then ghost at the last minute.

Regardless, we've got you covered with host of Toronto-themed Halloween costume ideas.

Josh Donaldson
Whether you're a bandwagoner or a die-hard fan, chances are you know the name Josh Donaldson. If you take on this costume, all you'll need is a few key pieces of MLB gear (or something similar) and a man bun - or woman bun (we won't discriminate). Don't have the locks for this? There's always Price, Tulowitzki, or Bautista.

Drake and Norm Kelly
If you're looking for the hottest couple's costume in town, don the attire of Drake and his #1 woe, Norm Kelly. Need some outfit inspiration? Here's the duo dominating the Ryerson campus. This is also a huge excuse to make the soundtrack of whatever party you're at Drake-oriented.

Toronto Animals
Toronto has become quite famous for its pack of unusual animals, and our menagerie has become even weirder in 2015. Use this as inspiration for a wacky and wild group costume featuring the High Park peacock, Conrad the Dead Raccoon, the Trinity-Bellwoods White Squirrel and of course, Darwin the Ikea Monkey. The hunt for a shearling coat starts now.

Toronto Sign
Everyone's favourite multicoloured landmark makes for the perfect Toronto-themed group costume. You and your pals can each choose a letter and you're good to go - just try to stay in formation when you arrive at your destination or you may get a bunch of confused stares. A huge plus, you can make the whole costume with a few pieces of bristol board, so it's very budget-friendly.

Suicide Squad
One of the most anticipated blockbusters of 2016 was filmed on our city's streets this summer, so why not pay homage to it with a group costume? These looks require a little more dedication than your average getups from Value Village, so be prepared. Luckily, some YouTube gurus have already posted tutorials, like this one for Harley Quinn.

Facebook bait-and-switch event
Facebook newsfeeds in Toronto became clogged with numerous events promising epic beach and block parties. Unsurprisingly, none of these panned out because they were advertising ploys for tamer, ticketed events. And naturally, this costume is up for interpretation. Grab a bunch of party hats and LEGO and be a block party! Plan a Facebook event and cancel it at the last minute! The options are endless.

HOV Lane
If there is one thing we learned from the Pan Am Games, it's that Torontonians are extremely passionate about HOV lanes. So, if you love to be hated, this is the costume for you. It's also super simple, just grab a white tee and and draw on the HOV lane symbol. Sadly, if party goers feel the same way about you as they do about HOV lanes, they'll probably let out a sigh of relief when you exit.

Sweet Jesus Cone
Toronto's favourite new food is an overloaded cone at Sweet Jesus. Recreate it and be sure to look as Instagrammable as the treat itself. Alternative: if you're feeling controversial, try to craft a religious outfit with confectionary accents and literally be Sweet Jesus (this will not go over well with every crowd; you have been warned).

Comment troll
For the most part, I love our commenters, but sometimes one guy ruins the fun for everyone. On Halloween, I am encouraging you to be that guy (for one night only; don't make this a habit). Put together your best troll costume - yes, a literal troll - and slap on the emblem. Don't be too nasty to your fellow party goers, or you'll be kicked out faster than an offensive comment gets deleted.

Drunk Harry Potter
Yes, Toronto has a Harry Potter-themed bar. Pay homage to The Lockhart and get your friends to dress as Drunk Dumbledore's Army. Grab a cloak and kick back with the some Butterbeer or Fire Whisky; you're guaranteed a magical night.

Mermaid School
You're Ariel, but with a stack of books under your arms. Or go the literal route. Make this a group costume and become a school of mermaids (they're fish, right?). Don't go overboard with your fin though; remember, legs are required for jumping and dancing.

6 God
Don't just go as Drake this Halloween, become the 6 God, whatever that may mean to you.

Gardiner Proposals
It seems like there's a new one every week, so this would make an awesome group costume. Or, it may get you kicked out of a party along with your friend the HOV Lane.

Uber vs. Taxi
Much like the Mac vs. PC commercials, this couple's costume will let you engage in a spirited debate all night long. If you're feeling especially meta, you might even consider becoming an Uber driver for the evening.

A Lineup
The Uncle Tetsu's lineup has its own Twitter account. Other establishments across the city (see Bang Bang Ice Cream, The Lockhart and Sweet Jesus) are also notorious for their long waits. Travel around in a conga line all night and consider adding an umbrella, or an Uncle Tetsu's bag, for added effect.

The original frings
Frings were a thing long before Drake and Susur Lee slapped the name on their new restaurant. While you wait to find out the details of the powerhouses' culinary venture, opt for a couple's costume that pays homage to their inspiration: fries and onion rings.

The Weeknd
This costume is mainly a hair commitment. You have to have the skill and patience to coif your hair into The Weeknd's signature Basquiat-esque 'do. It's also great if you have a girlfriend that doesn't want to dress up - with a little contouring, she can be your Bella Hadid.

Cat Cafe
Why be a sexy cat when you could be Toronto's most anticipated coffee destination this fall - the cat cafe. Put on your finest feline get up and carry around a coffee cup. Voila! you've got a creative costume and a vessel for your gin and tonic.

Zombie Degrassi cast
Sadly, Toronto's beloved high school drama dropped off the air for good this year. In memoriam, go as one of the fallen cast members. Naturally, you should be dead just like the show, so compliment your high school garb with some ghoulish make up.

Netflix and Chill
Apparently Toronto is having its very own Netflix and Chill festival! To be honest though, the Facebook event scheduled for May 28, 2016 looks like another bait-and-switch job (see above). Regardless, this costume is an easy one. Throw on a parka and slap on the Netflix logo (printer required). Or, avoid the Halloween hoopla all together and stay-in with Netflix, and chill.

Writing by Alice Prendergast and Amy Grief.

Photo by Jesse Milns

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