valentines day cards toronto

10 great Toronto made cards to give this Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day cards in Toronto let you bypass Hallmark cheese for a very specific, locally-handmade kind of cheese. V-Day is corny at the best of times - but Toronto's artists and designers navigate the sappiness with ease by making dorky puns, poking fun at the awkward side of relationships, or making artwork so beautiful and intricate it'll melt even the coldest, Grinchiest heart.

Here are my picks for some of the best locally made cards to give this Valentine's Day.

Urban Planning
Thanks to this greeting card, we now have the smoothest TTC pickup line known to man. It also comes in "Be My King", in case you were wondering ($4.50, UrbanPlanning on Etsy).

valentines day cards toronto

Theodore + Paper
For when a strong, graphic statement speaks way louder than a cutesy slogan ($4.95,

valentines day cards toronto

This one is printed on heat-sensitive (thermochromic) paper - how cool is that? The price is steep for a card, but this will definitely thrill the nerd in your life ($20.58, minouette on Etsy).

valentines day cards toronto

Simple, yet sweet, this clean-lined illustration comes in either red- or pink-filled versions ($5, HeyRube on Etsy).

valentines day cards toronto

Mushy cards with puns are the best mushy cards, especially if those puns are food-related ($6.43, gotamago on Etsy or brick and mortar stockists).

valentines day cards toronto

Light & Paper
For a card alternative that you know will stay on display after Valentine's, check out these ornate papercut hearts, customizable with you and your beloved's names. You can even change the paper colour - and the quote, for a fee ($41.16, lightpaper on Etsy).

valentines day cards toronto

This year, let Drizzy do all the smooth-talking for you - or pick up a Kanye valentine, aka comedy gold. ($8.68, diamonddonatello on Etsy).

valentines day cards toronto

Corny? Yes. Adorable? Also yes ($5, DesignByErykah on Etsy).

valentines day cards toronto

Sea and Lake
If you can't love someone at their most rumpled and gross, is it really love? ($5.79, seaandlake on Etsy or at Scout)

valentines day cards toronto

Queenie's Cards
Is your significant other not into waffles? That's cool - Queenie's Cards has every eyeroll-inducing food pun available, from "let's avocuddle" to "you've stolen a pizza my heart". ($4.95, available at Queenie's Cards).

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