Halloween costume ideas

15 Halloween costume ideas for 2012

Halloween costume ideas are the loathsome pursuit of the lazy celebrant. Before recycling that tired police office costume from several years past, we try to coyly swipe suggestions from friends, asking, "So, what are you wearing this year?" It never works. This year, I decided to ask staff at various Toronto costume shops for their suggestions for the top Halloween costumes for 2012. Overwhelmingly, I heard "Avengers." Here are some of their suggestions (plus many more) for the best Halloween 2012 getups.


This year was a big one for tights-clad, city-saving action heroes at the box office. No surprise, then, that costume staff are anticipating that more than one Toronto Batman will roam the streets this Halloween. Their picks include:

The Caped Crusader himself. Be sure to walk around muttering, "My parents are dead," under your breath.

Captain America
Unless you have some sort of pacifist objection to the concept.

Not to be confused with Bain Capital (though you could). Less delightfully sinister than the Joker costume of 2008, but no need for uncomfortable smeared lipstick on your cheek.

Iron Man
Or, more simply, Tony Stark. This guy had the right idea.


These ideas won't work if you're planning to leave the 416 (or 647?) for Halloween. But if you're sticking around, why not capitalize on the chance to make fun of your city? Or at the very least, the "important" people in it.

Zombie Princess of Wales Theatre
It's not dead yet, though some of the city is already in mourning. Will require an excess of blinking light bulbs.

Councillors Gord Perks and Giorgio Mammoliti (Couple's costume)
Following their recent City Hall almost-brawl, the couple that adopts this costume idea needs little more than a couple of suits, pairs of boxing gloves, and a couple of terribly inflated egos. The Gord Perks costume should also be wearing a cup.

Mayor Rob Ford and Toronto Star reporter Daniel Dale
Optional props to compliment costumes for this embarrassing, drawn-out saga: Dale's Blackberry (held by Rob Ford), chain link fence, 14 front-page stories.

Blue Jays shortstop Yunel Escobar
This costume, of course, necessitates a Jays' uniform and the words ""TU ERE MARICON" written in your eye-black. Probably won't be a huge hit if you plan on heading to Church Street this Halloween, unless you pair the costume with a sign that says, "Suspended."


Gangnam Style
Perhaps a little obvious, but with the right pelvis thrusts, you'll surely beat out all the posers.

The iPhone 5
This one is an easy one. Just re-use last year's iPhone 4s costume, scribble over the maps icon, and add a little length to the top.

Pregnant Snookie
Or did she have that baby? I think so. Either way, terrible.

Honey Boo Boo Child
This costume necessitates a spray tan (just borrow from your pregnant Snookie friend, above), and obnoxiously ostentation pageant gown, and something called, "Sketti."


Out-of-Work Big Bird
If you watched the first U.S. presidential debates, this is a clear costume contender.

Justin Trudeau
Optional accessories: boxing gloves, bowing Liberal caucus. Mandatory: great hair.

A take on the conventional Care Bear costume but with a mandate for social justice.

Stephen Harper and Enbridge (Couple costumes)
It might be difficult to craft a bed for the two of you to occupy, but try to at least share the same pillow.

Do you have any great ideas for Halloween costumes this year? Add your suggestions to the comment thread below.

Photo by Qinn in the blogTO Flickr pool

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