Sugar Beach

The best makeout spots in Toronto: #8 Sugar Beach

It's only appropriate that the number eight spot on the list of Toronto's top makeout spots would go by the name "sugar." Though if the city had its very own "Cop a Feel" ravine, this year-old beach would surely be bumped to number nine.

Sugar Beach offers a juxtaposition of urban and nature (well, "nature") that manifests in the most literal sense. At the foot of Lower Jarvis Street, this two-acre beach is all sand and sun, except for the part that overlooks the massive Redpath Sugar Factory. It's not exactly scenic, but perhaps it's this coming together of two worlds that makes Sugar Beach a favourite couples' spot. Just like a harried love story where poor boy meets rich girl in a world that's neither their own, Sugar Beach tries to exist in a void that straddles industry and environment. Or else it just had good spots to hook up--either or.

Sugar Beach

Unlike the other makeout spots on this list so far, Sugar Beach doesn't smell like a garbage dump (albeit, a little bit on Queens Quay), which raises it enormously in my good books. And there are plenty of spots for amorous couples to express their mutual desire. The unabashed can make use of the beach's candy striped granite rocks, which offer the feel of Yorkville without the scornful eyes. There are also the white Muskoka chairs scattered along the beach, and lots of open space for couples to lay out towels and clear more space around them.

Sugar Beach

For those who want a little privacy (and yet, inexplicably, choose not to enjoy the total discretion of their homes), Sugar Beach has a small collection of Golden Weeping Willows, which may, in fact, conceal you and your beloved if you nestle close to the trunk. Just make sure a dog hasn't chosen to "nestle" there first. But that's about it for structural discretion at this beach--while the cotton candy pink umbrellas are pretty to look at, they unfortunately won't block much beyond the sun. Swimming is another no-no--too bad after all that hot n' heavy--through the fountain à la Dundas Square may provide a little cooling relief.

Sugar Beach

Another Sugar Beach drawback, for me at least, is the occasional appearance of what I consider to be my mortal archenemy: the urban Canada Goose. The honk borders on terrifying, and does a lot more than kill the mood. So embark on your affectionate activities if you must, brave souls, and just remember the Weeping Willows can't conceal you from it all.

Sugar Beach roundup:

Privacy: The point of making out on a beach is to be seen, yes?

A good year-round spot? No

Atmosphere: Nice as long as you keep facing south

Watch out for: Filming crews working on new episodes of Being Erica

Sugar BeachSugar Beach

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A special thanks to Trojan Condoms for sponsoring this 10 part series on the best makeout spots in Toronto.

Photos by Jesse Milns

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