street style toronto

Street Style: business casual, mash up, and some variations on vintage

Name: Cassandra
Passion/Job: Charity worker
Favourite piece: Purse
My style: Modern vintage

Name: Roy
Passion/Job: Musician
Favourite piece: Vintage belt
My style: Classic rock n roll with a little vintage inspiration

street style toronto

Name: Clint
Passion/Job: Writer
Favourite piece: Shoes
My style: Easy casual

Name: Kate
Passion/Job: Dancer
Favourite piece: Shirt
My style: Relaxed vintage

street style toronto

Name: Mark
Passion/Job: Business owner
Favourite piece: Shoes
My style: Casual

Name: Assunta
Passion/Job: Journalist
Favourite piece: Skirt
My style: Casual vintage

street style toronto

Name: Rajui
Passion/Job: Consultant
Favourite piece: Shoes
My style: Business casual

Name: Andrea
Passion/Job: Writer
Favourite piece: Skirt
My style: Mash up

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