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Street Style: Getting Ready for Fall

The weather has changed, no doubt about it. When I looked out my window earlier this week and saw the tree in my backyard bending in half I knew Fall had arrived. It was windy and rainy all day, and I was almost dreading going for a walk. But I'm glad I did. Aside from the massive soaker I got from stepping in a puddle, my journey was rewarded with the sights of some of these stylish Torontonians.
Name: Oliver
Expertise: Co-Director at Akin Collective and Musician Make Your Exit
Favorite Item: Cape
Location: Dufferin St.

Names: Hailey and Tyler
Expertise: Student and Musician Arietta
Favorite Items: Shoes and Jacket
Location: Queen St. W.

Lynsie and Ola.jpg

Name: Lynsie
Field: Photographer
Favorite Item: Gold Tiger Necklace
Location: Liberty Village

Name: Ola
Field: Music and Graphic Design
Favorite Item: Wellingtons
Location: Parkdale

Street Style

Names: Ben and Mark
Field (Ben): Manager of Fringe and Lead singer of Ultimate Most High
Field (Mark): Diplomat
Favorite Items: Shoes and Blue Undershirt
Location: Parkdale

Names: Lesley and Little T
Field (Lesley): Hair Stylist at Fringe
Field (Little T): Owner of Stampede Bison Grill
Favorite Items: Yellow Ring and Shirt
Location: Parkdale

Street Style

Name: Mary
Field: Student
Favourite Item: Skirt
Location: The Annex

Name: Hailey
Field: Finance
Favourite Item: Tights
Favourite Store: Urban Outfitters
Location: The Annex

Street Style

Name: Tosh
Field: Medical geographer
Favourite Item: Vest
Location: The Annex

Name: Natasha
Field: Student
Favourite Item: Purse
Location: The Annex

Chloe and Michelle

Name: Chloe
Field: Retail
Favourite Item: Boots
Location: The Annex

Name: Michelle
Field: - Wouldn't say
Favourite Item: Adidas bag
Location: The Annex

The last three sets of photos/text contributed by Daniel Delidjakov

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