My Paved Runway - Sorrell

My Paved Runway will be appearing every Saturday, highlighting fashion on the streets of Toronto. It's here to spark your creativity or just give you a chance to live vicariously through others.

Hanging outside of Steve's Music on Queen St. West, Sorrell's muted colour pallete and customized cruiser, complete with stickers "to cover the rust", gave hints of a refreshingly laid back attitude towards fashion.

Do you have a style philosophy or a way you choose what to wear?
I don't really have a philosophy, I just open my drawer and grab whatever is there or whatever is clean. I dress pretty basic - basic colours and tones. I like clothes that are a little bit too big for me, where the tops would be too big and the bottoms would be too small. It's summer and I'm not wearing bright colours.

Did you ever go through certain phases where you would wear bright colours and do you think you're in a colour phase right now?
I'm in my grey period; grey and beige. I've definitely gone through a bright colour sort of thing but I've toned it down I guess? I kind of feel like I just blend in with the rest of Toronto being that the city is pretty grey.

Where did you get the clothes you're wearing right now?
The cardigan is American Apparel boys; American Apparel boys section is probably my favourite place to shop. The sunglasses I got for $5 in Kensington Market, just cheap knockoffs but for $5 you can't really go wrong. My jeans were actually a really light color and I dyed them grey. The shoes I got, they're Converse, and I think they're from Delphic They're a throwback to junior high. I used to have a shirt, like one of those hoodies that had that hippie pattern so I was kind of bringing that back.

Ten years ago, what did you dress like?
I wore Converse still but I wore tight high-waisted jeans and I wasn't very cool, but thankfully all those jeans still fit me. I just dress the same, Converse, jeans and t-shirts.

Do you choose your clothing differently when you're biking?
I don't wear flip-flops!

What local Toronto stores do you shop at?
For streetwear, Lavish and Squalor . That's probably one of my favourite stores. They have companies like Freshjive with a mixture of vintage clothes. And of course Kensington market, always good for t-shirts.

Where did you get your bike?
My Falcon, I got it from Cavern Cycles. The owner Keith just closed it a few months ago. It chose me, it's kind of the same philosophy I have with my clothes, they choose me.

What item of clothing do you spend the most money on?
I probably spend the most money on shoes. I guess it became an obsession awhile ago so I've stopped buying shoes. They're just so accessible, you can find cool shoes anywhere. When it was harder to find and you had to go on eBay, I would spend lots of money on vintage Nikes.

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