Mom's Night Out

Days before I went on vacation to BC, I attended an event called Mom's Night Out. I joined 250 hardworking moms for an evening of pampering and indulgence. The event was the brainchild of Scratch Marketing and urbanmoms.ca, a free online community for modern mothers. 250 urbanmoms members were randomly invited to the party and they even flew a special contest winner and guest to Toronto.

Rosehill was the venue that hosted Mom's Night Out. It's a space used for small corporate and social functions. I arrived about an hour into the event and it was busy. Food and drink were everywhere. Waiters wandered with plates of hor d'oeuvres and the chocolate fountain was delectable. Moms lined up for beauty makeovers and massages. Conair and Redd Salon created the "Conair Beauty Salon" where moms had access to five stylists who provided tips and tricks to help them look great without spending too much time. Schick Intuition provided the massage therapists and reflexologists. The lines were long and my attempts to get some pampering were shut down.


Surprisingly many people didn't flock to the Oyster Boy table. An expert shucker worked away and I knocked back a few; they were quite tasty. Bailey's provided free samples of their new offerings, Mint Chocolate and Caramel. I tried the Mint Chocolate and it was nice. The caramel version however turns me completely off. Ezra Title, chef of Chez Vous provided Cuisinart cooking demos as well as the hor d'oeuvres. The party was complete when they brought out the little fruit tarts from Daniel & Daniel. Most of my readers know of my love of the little fruit tarts. They make me very happy and any events that supply them are wonderful in my book.

I was standing in the massage line when they started the prize giveaway. I was amazed they were giving more prizes away. A woman who was in front of me was commenting on how she never wins anything. A minute later her name was being called for a great Affinity Washer and Dryer set from Frigidaire. It figures that my laundry obsessed self was incredibly jealous.

The event was a great success. I talked to Debra from rock-it promotions who told me that women lined up outside Rosehill a half hour before the event started. All guests received a great gift bag that included cookbooks, chocolate, fruit juice and bars, tea and cookies, Schick Intuition shavers and a Conair flatiron. It was a great night overall and it was nice to see so many moms having a great time away from husbands and children.

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