Viktor & Rolf Review

It was a madhouse. I walked into H&M on Dundas and Yonge and clothes were flying all over the place. There was a "mad rush" of people trying to get into the Viktor and Rolf collection which was packed into a very small display area. It was far too small of an area if you ask me.

Women and men were pushing to get at the table and rolling racks. I felt like I was being herded through the Empire State Building line to the top. I grabbed one of everything that I could see in my size within arms reach and headed for the change room to further inspect if what I was grabbing was even worth all of this trouble.

Once through the gigantic wait line, I decided to try the pants on first. The dress pants had a cute, feminine version of the biker chain from the right front pocket to the back with a charm in the shape of a heart at the end. Besides this charming gadget, the pants were rather boring for me. I decided to try them on and found that they weren't well proportioned. The top-half of the pant was too wide, causing a bulge out at the hips and they didn't hang well on my body. From how many pairs of pants were left in the wide-range of styles and sizes, I'm guessing they didn't fit well on most.

The skinny jeans, well, they were far too skinny and again nothing special. They were a dark indigo-black denim mix which was an interesting wash as far as denim goes but the cuts and detailing weren't special. The men's jeans were a similar wash in a relaxed fit, but again for the price tag seemed awfully boring to me. One of the things I did love about the men's collection was the blue striped boxer short pj's and the forward casual dress shirt adorned with red, black and gray arrows.

I was starting to get disappointed with the collection until I tried the dresses on. The first dress I tried on was spectacular. It had an Audrey Hepburn style to it. It was a black dress with a high scoop neck that was gathered at the top. The knit fabric hung to the body without exposing all of my imperfections. I immediately fell in love and knew this would be the dress I would wear to the wedding I am attending on the weekend.

I ended up picking up three dresses and a sheer blouse with a bow that extends from the top and flows to the bottom of the shirt. I wasn't keen on the solid muted green dresses or the super simple pants in the women and men's collection. My review of the collection is simple: most of the time I was under-whelmed, but the dresses made up for it all.

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