Foxy Originals: Be A Goddess

Tap into your inner goddess with the Athena Necklace from Foxy Originals. Although you probably won't find yourself fighting with Zeus anytime soon, why not make yourself feel like a princess with this conversation piece? Bring out your inner beauty and capture everyone's attention with this silver-coated flower on blue, green, pink or natural leather cord. Buy it now and feel like the star that you are.

In 1998, design duo Jen Kluger and Suzie Orol carpooled with a mutual friend from Toronto to London's University of Western Ontario. On one road trip, they not only met for the first time and discovered each other's passion for jewelry, but they also decided to go into business together. From there, as they say, the rest is history. Boy, are we glad these lovely ladies took a leap of faith so that we can look fabulous and foxy all year round!

NS: Where is your company based?
Foxy Girls (FG): We are based out of Scarborough, Ontario where we produce the jewelry with a production team of skilled craftspeople.

NS: How did you come up with your design name?

FG: We wanted a name that was succinct and memorable. When we looked up 'Fox' in the dictionary, the meaning, in the Machiavellian sense meant 'crafty and clever' and we liked that. SO we added the 'y' to the end and the rest is history.

NS: What details make your designs distinctly FOXY?
FG: Foxy jewelry is designed and made in Toronto, Canada. All Foxy jewelry is made from pewter and is coated in sterling silver with a matte finish. Each is then stamped with the Foxy signature to authenticate the designs. From this common starting place, the pieces are transformed into original works through the integration of enamel, stones, leather and ultra-suede. Many of the pieces are reversible which gives customers more 'bang' for their shopping 'buck!'

NS: What are the key materials your latest collections?

FG: Foxy has been associated with silver finishes for quite some time. With this collection, we introduced a lot of gold and bronze. We also experimented with different metal tones within a piece - the treasure necklace in bronze, gold and silver is an example of this. Customers were very responsive to this change!

NS: What is the price point?
FG: Foxy pieces retail between $18 and $40.

NS: Where in Toronto can folks find your stuff?
FG: Good places to find Foxy are Storm on Queen St, Risque on Bloor St, Wash up and Brush on the Danforth and Outer Layer on Queen West. Customers can also buy through our partner website, Toronto based SnazzyGirl.

NS: Why do you love designing?
FG: No matter how many pieces I have designed, the process never ceases to amaze me. Taking a sketch and making it come to life as a physical prototype gives me chills. The transformation from static to three dimensional is always fascinating.

Also, designing allows us to exercise the creative parts of our minds. As our company grows, we are constantly having to spend more time using our brains on traditional business areas like accounting, inventory control, distribution etc. Designing takes us back to what is important and sets our minds free! When we design, we are less confined and free to explore!

NS: What are your goals with this line and for the future?
FG: Our immediate growth plans include distributing Foxy in Australia and England. We will begin working with distributors in both countries starting in September. No matter how far we travel, Foxy seems to resonate with consumers. We just came back from Japan where they too LOVED the jewelry!

NS: What advice do you have for designers who are just starting out in the industry?

FG: Don't be afraid to spend money when you believe the return will warrant the risk. Do what you do best and let others do the rest. Don't take anything too seriously, or you won't be able to make it though the rough stuff. Use your resources and never be afraid to ask for help. Thank anyone and everyone who helps you along the way. If an idea or thought gives you anxiety, that means you must approach it and conquer it. Complacency will be the death of your business. Growth is the only direction you can take. Always have a pen and paper handy, you never know when the next big idea may hit. Know your is tempting to seize all opportunities that come your way, but success comes from selectivity, knowing your strengths and sticking to them.

Be sure to check out Foxy Originals at The Clothing Show. Word on the street is they are going to discount the Athena necklace.

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