It's So Fairyesque

Fairyesque gives femininity an edge like no other. I had the opportunity to see the Fairyesque show at L'OREAL Fashion Week and couldn't wait to talk to faces behind this label: Kat (short for Katrin) Leblond and Nicole Picard. I absolutely love the magically girly vibe their clothes give off.

How did you get your start in the fashion industry?

KL: I got a degree in design and Nicole took Fine Arts. I was looking to open a business and a friend recommended I call her and from there it was a mutual decision to start Fairyesque. Our job is 90% business and 10% design.

NP: I was a drawer and artist for a long time but wanted to get an idea of the technical side of things so I went to fashion school at LaSalle. I opened a store in Toronto and owned it until 3 years ago when we started Fairyesque.

Where is your company based?

KL: Montreal

How did you come up with your design name?

KL: People kept telling us that other clothing looked like Fairies. Fairyesque came from the look of our clothes.

What details make your designs distinctly yours?

KL: The collections have matured. There is a youthful Japanese influence. It is a womanly woman's collection.

How would you describe your summer collection?

KL: Our Spring collection is very ice ream coloured with bright greens and mangos. It is a very girly collection. For Fall 2006 it is inspired by the Russian and cowgirl meeting but they took on their own meaning in the design process.

Where can folks find your stuff in Toronto?

KL: Frock, Parade on Queen, Posh at the Beaches, and there are many more stores that you can locate by using their website store locator.

What are the key materials in this collection (S/S 06)?

KL: We use a lot of natural fibers.

What is the price point of your stuff?

KL: $80 to $140 for tops, $110 to $160 for skirts, and jackets are $160. Many people think we are charging too much, but this is how much it costs to have clothes made in Canada.

Why do you love designing?

NP: It is one of the ways I am able to express myself in many ways. It is a creative outlet for me and over the years I have developed the technical side. I love colours and vibrancy.

KL: I can't help it. I change three times a day. I've always loved dressing up. We just did a costume contract for Cirque du Soleil which was a lot of fun for me.

What are your goals with this line and for the future?

NP: Essentially we are now developing the Fall 2006 collection and developing Spring 2007 ideas. We would like to expand internationally. Up until the last few years we've maintained it within North America, and mainly within Canada.

What advice do you have for designers who are just starting out in the industry?

NP: Know what you want. If you want to learn from the industry know what direction you want to go in but also explore all of the possibilities from within it. If you don't experience what is available you don't know what you can do.

Picture provided by Fairyesque.

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