Designer Files: Badgemaker Deluxe

I don't know about you but I've been seeing some pretty cool retro vehicles in the city lately. My favourite is still a vintage vespa. I have romanticized views about riding one a la Roman Holiday . In my research about these scooters, I came across this nifty designer Badgemaker Deluxe. Moira Parker Roe, the head designer of Badgemaker Deluxe custom designs badges or emblems for both automobiles and scooters. What a great way to make your mode of transportation truly yours! I had to ask her some questions -

Why Badgemaker Deluxe?

I played around with a lot of different names and when it came down to it, literally, making badges is what I do and "deluxe" because they are special with added touches and features. Deluxe also speaks of Kustom Kulture.


What Is The Process of Getting A Custom Emblem Made?

The client can give me idea of what they would like for their badge and where it might go on their vehicle. Perhaps they may give me just the vehicles' nik name or some sort of rough sketch or idea and I take that and design an insignia that reflects the characteristics of the vehicle and its owner. I have vintage style fonts available and I am full of ideas for insignias and graphics. Though generally the badges start as a two dimensional design I add 3 dimensional aspects to add depth to the design. For example tear drops, flames or starbursts can be used to enhance a design. I can also work from artwork provided by the client. Once a design is finalized then i begin the fabrication process. Kustom badges are hand cut from brass sheet, hand finished and then chrome plated. I offer either an adhesive or screws for mounting the badge on the vehicle.

What Are You Inspired By?
Old automobiles-mostly 50s & 60s. cars, scooters, trailers and trucks.Vintage sign painting, logos and advertisements. Old time appliances- I am always looking at the emblems and logos on fridges, stoves and appliances when I pass by the junk shops on Queen street. The old style badging is so much more sophisticated and stylish than what is used these days.

How Many People Do You Know Who Have Names For Their Cars/Scooters?
Just about everyone has a term of endearment for their vehicle. The list is almost infinite. "Veronica" is what my Fiance calls his Vespa P210. My Lambretta, that I seized the engine on on its maiden voyage, I call "Cherrybomb". Other names that I know people use for their vehicles are Lucky, Lorraine, Rustbucket, Betty, Bluebird, Swinger, Lola, Little Bitch, Red Rocket, Red Devil, Vixen, Slim, Jolene, Joan, Lil Bastard, Major Malfunction, Gidget, Jezebel, Widow Maker, Belladonna...Funny how they tend to be female names. It's a neat way to define your vehicle as yours.

Where Can I Get One?
Email or call Moira at 416 516-6081.

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