Chocolate Decadence

On an evening when only polar bears would enjoy the weather outside I found myself ensconced in a haven of delights. The Fabulous Manicure Bar hosted a chocolate therapy event with the help of the eager people at Godiva Chocolate and the result was 90 minutes of serenading the senses.

The night revolved around the words "look, listen, smell and taste" and how sampling chocolate can be an experience that involves more than just tongue temptations. The five senses were topped off with the exquisite feel of lavish hand treatments.

To begin, guests were treated to a silky chocolate martini which did a grand job of chasing away the outdoor chill then pampered with chocolate manicures that included a chocolate soak, chocolate creams & lotions, and elaborated with chocolate nail paint.


After lathering my hands in chocolate lotion I was close to nibbling on my own digits - they smelled like they'd been carved from chocolate. Thankfully, the good people from Godiva provided plenty of edible samples from dark ganache filled pieces to hazelnut scoops that beat anything by Ferrero Rocher to rich and powerful squares of high-octane cocoa.

The evening was dreamed up by Jennifer and Elan Eisen, owners of the Fabulous Manicure Bar. The salon has long offered cocoa pedicures so when they decided to try a chocolate manicure they began to consider chocolate drinks to compliment the finger work and the idea grew to become a special evening centered on chocolate.

Similar themed evenings may be in the works for Christmas and Valentines Day so any guy out there who is unsure what to buy his mate should keep an eye on upcoming events. There would be few women who wouldn't feel like a queen after being properly spoiled with chocolate crafted as carefully as the manicures offered by Fabulous.

Considering the theme of the night, I'd estimate "chocolate" was spoken once every 3.5 seconds which meant the delicious treat was mentioned about 1500 times. But, hey, if a word is said that often, it may as well be one that identifies the single treat that everyone loves.

The Fabulous Manicure Bar is located at 609 Mount Pleasant
Godiva delights may be found in their shop in Yorkdale Shopping Centre

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