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Model Citizen

I needed something last minute, something unique and sexy, an outfit to catch a girl's eye, something that might garner a compliment, an "Event" outfit.

I shot down to Model Citizen for some late shopping, where the stores owner/operator, Julian Finkle, knew exactly what I needed. Julian's about having fun, you can see it in the way he dresses, & in his eyes, his positive energy is infectious, and better still you can see it in his clothing line.

His silk-screened T's come in a variety of colors each with various designs/themes including animals, famous faces (sorry, no Che), and iconic-imagery from the past; He'll often take the opportunity to place a word or a phrase in his screenings, which are intended to provoke the viewer in a positive, uplifting manner, words like, "faith, have strength, and I am not at war," are prodding-humor without the cynicism. You'll find similar designs when it comes to his vests and dress shirts, which have been saved from some 2nd hand joint, and refurbished into a savvy, fresh new outfit for me.


Model Citizen also carries a wide variety of independent Canadian designers, killer ties from AKA, sweet jackets from Loid, some beautiful handmade wears from Gregory Allen, and the stylishly stenciled prints of Millburn Powell.

Let's just say the "Event" went well....

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