YES YES Y'ALL 8 Year Anniversary Party

Dear Friends and Family,

The number 8 represents Infinity and everything good in the universe which is infinite, such as infinite love, infinite supply, infinite energy, infinite time . . . in other words, 8 represents complete and unending abundance without any lack

That being said....let's PARTY and shell down the place.

We are turning 8. That's 8 years of positive vibrations, community magic, and the making of a family...a really big family.

Family on the night....

Tasha Rozez -


If looks could kill, Gunz N Rozez, the female sound system from Toronto, Canada, would done the place as they say in the Jamaican dancehall. But in the heated atmosphere of the sound system business, looks alone dont kill, music does, and Gunz N Rozez, led by Tasha Rozez, has the trophy and the skills to prove it. In addition to bragging rights to go with the first ever Female Sound Clash Champion trophy 2002 on the shelf, and crucial combinations with Kardinall Offishall Bad Like We Bad and Wio-k Footloose on the airwaves, Tashas mixing and mastery of a sharp lyrical flow put Gunz N Rozez on a different level. Armed with custom songs from world renowned artists, a warriors mentality and feminine mystique, Gunz N Rozez performances are as diverse as Tashas talents. The WUN Magazine 2010 Selector of the Year and three-time Marc Ecko Female DJ of The Year Stylus award nominee in her hometown of Toronto, Rozez is also one of the most travelled and sought after DJs out of Canada. Numerous tours through Asia, the United States, Caribbean and Europe have translated into features on MTV Europe and Canadas equivalent, Much Music. With a new Gunz N Rozez mix and a new combination on the horizon stay tuned for more information about that come see what all the buzz is about.

Lissa Monet -


Lissa Monet brings all the necessary ingredients for an excellent DJ with her. She is talented, ambitious, blessed with a great deal of charisma and a thirst for knowledge. She shows up at special events wearing fabulous shoes that you have to look around the DJ booth to see and a statement piece from a designer you havent heard of yet. With bold nail polish and a huge, sparkling smile as she enters the room, she definitely exudes star appeal, and not just from the outside.

Theres no mistaking, DJ Lissa Monet rocks parties. And although shes somewhat selective of the events she spins at, shes pretty versatile and open minded about the events she is hired for.

Lissa has been influenced by such musical legends as Jay-Z, Frank Sinatra, Aaliyah, Stevie Wonder, Al Green, Michael Jackson, Phil Collins, Hall & Oates mixed along with music from her Caribbean upbringing and a unique passion for reading album liner notes.

Utilizing social media such as Facebook, Tumblr & Twitter, Lissa discovers new artists and creates outlets such as mini mix tapes and her growing social network of friends to connect people to new music. For this, Lissa is simply dubbed the go to girl for all things new, innovative and exclusive. With her popularity spreading through word of mouth, Lissa started spinning popular nightclubs across Toronto. She has became a fixture for highly anticipated and exclusive events hosted by Hennessy and Mot & Chandon.

Lissa has spun in clubs in New York, Atlanta & LA, as well as overseas in the UK, Dubai & Africa. Inventive and energetic, Lissa pleases crowds while controlling the vibe of the party mixing musical genres such as r&b, hip hop, soul, house/dance, rock, reggae and her favourite, 80s classics. DJ Lissa Mont was recently awarded the 2011 Stylus Female DJ Award which recognizes the achievements of DJs across Canada.

A one of a kind talent, DJ Lissa Mont has captivated taste makers, party goers and music lovers with ego-free talent that delivers the right music and vibe to events that she has spun at with modesty and intelligence. Her branded mixtapes such as Love Letters and Broken Hearts and the 4 Beyonce mix are still very popular and can be found on her blog for download.

Matthew Progress

Matthew Progress is a Toronto based vocalist, who blends genres and disciplines to create unique music that is both dance friendly and thought provoking. He is set to release multiple projects in 2017. Stay tuned.



We're 8. Party tun up. Don't be late.

$10 All Night


xo YYY

YES YES Y'ALL 8 Year Anniversary Party

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