Xpace Cultural Centre January Exhibitions

Join us for the opening reception for our January 2018 exhibitions on Friday, January 12, 7-10pm! There will be snacks, drinks and artists will be in attendance.


For Us By Us curated by Geneviève Wallen

Andre Baynes, Dana Prieto, lwrdx Duniam & Aemilius Milo, Sheila Sampath, Rowan Sky

January 12 - February 10, 2018

For Us By Us is a cross-disciplinary exhibition featuring the works of emerging artists and designers, exploring ideas of decolonial and alternative futures through food.

Each artist and designer examines strategies for communal empowerment while engaging with the conditions within which food is grown, produced, consumed and shared. Looking at their ancestral knowledge, positionality and geographical context, the selected practitioners propose to reconsider and deepen our (the viewers) relationship with consumed goods.

More specifically, in the context of this exhibition, food becomes an access point to reimagine settler and Indigenous relationships, food as medicine, embodied decolonial practices, emancipation and equitable food systems.

This exhibition is supported by Toronto Arts Council


Laurence Philomene & Starchild Stela, it is what it is

January 12 - February 10, 2018

Laurence Philomene & Starchild Stela’s installation, it is what it is, is a combination of their works regarding non-binary identities. Featuring both of their practices, photography and drawing respectively, the space will be filled wall-to-ceiling with non-binary portraits.The artists invite you to enter their world by getting to know their friends and entourage in a cozy and intimate bedroom setting.


Erin Rei, Soft Armour

January 12 - February 17, 2018

Softness is not equal to weakness. The acts of being open, receptive, actively empathetic and performing emotional labour are acts of strength. They require strength and can also cultivate it. Soft Armour is neither infallible nor impermeable. It is created over time, it takes damage, is regenerated and altered.

Soft Armour is the acknowledgment of potential power and durability but also the inherent vulnerability in softness. It is the acceptance of vulnerability being a potentially powerful act.

The artistic representation of this armour is organic and plantlike. It responds to its environment. It needs maintenance. Portions fall away, die and are regrown

EXTERNAL SPACE (OCAD U Learning Zone & online):

Abedar Kamgari, The Walk Home

January 12-February 27, 2018

Filmed in Hamilton in spring 2016, The Walk Home is a two-channel performance-for-video. The Walk Home and ensuing sister-works in the series, Finding words for the feeling, shaped an artistic methodology for navigating one’s presence on both familiar and unfamiliar land as a settler/immigrant, through organic site-specific and site-responsive actions. The object, when taken from one place to another, leaves a temporary trace behind. At the same time, the environment leaves its trace on her as the seemingly hard exterior slowly wears down through constant movement, until the artist eventually drastically altered or expended beyond recognition.

Xpace Cultural Centre's January exhibitions are part of Toronto Design Offsite Festival 2018.

OPENING RECEPTION: January 12, 7-10pm

HOURS Jan 13-Feb 10: Tuesday-Saturday, 12-6pm

Accessibility info: http://www.xpace.info/contact/

Xpace Cultural Centre January Exhibitions

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