WP's Urban Planning Design Challenge Site Walk and Urban Planning Hub

Calling all Elementary, High School, and Post Secondary students with an interest in Urban Planning or learning more about it!

Toronto's Warren Park Community is hosting an Urban Planning Design Challenge. Register for the challenge (link below) and then join us Jan. 29th from Noon-4pm for The Design Challenge Site Walk followed by hot drinks, food and mini-sessions at our Urban Planning Hub @ Lambton House as part of Warren Park's WINTER(safety)FEST community event.

Challenge event page: www.warrenpark.ca/2023updc

Challenge registration form: https://tinyurl.com/2p94mb4f

Jan. 29th WINTER(safety)FEST's event page: https://www.warrenpark.ca/winterfest

Who will be attending the site walk and urban planning hub?

Join Warren Park community leaders, local government representation, and industry professionals. Students from York U, U of T, Toronto Metropolitan U, as well as TDSB and TCDSB elementary and high schools across the city have registered for the challenge and will be attending the site walk to gather information and network with others.

What is WP's Urban Planning Design Challenge?

Toronto's Warren Park community is gathering support for pedestrian safety improvements to the collector roadway, St. Mark's Hill, with sub-par conditions that leave pedestrians vulnerable to vehicles that slide onto the sidewalk, not an uncommon event in weather that hovers around freezing or less. This is particularly concerning to our morning walkers, in particular, young students.

Our group has been inspired to bring together local residents, schools, local + global businesses and organizations for an event, WINTER(safety)FEST, focused on outdoor winter fun and safety along with urban planning - a positive and inclusive way to promote awareness of the issue and encourage civic engagement: Something our city desperately needs if we hope to tackle the incredible housing, environmental, infrastructure and economic challenges ahead!

This event kicks-off our Urban Planning Design Challenge that we're hosting across February and March for University, High School, and Elementary students to get involved in a real life city design challenge. We can't wait to see what students come up with! Participants will be invited to follow up events and projects that will see the road improvements through to completion - a depth of experience and learning we're excited to bring to students!

Post secondary, high school, and elementary students and classrooms are invited to register by Wednesday February 15th.

All registrants will receive a resources package via email once registration closes.

Submissions are due by noon March 31st 2023.

Submissions will be on display at our closing event on April 8th.

We hope to see you on the 29th!