Wolf Eyes, Drainolith, Death Kneel

WOLF EYES (https://wolf-eyes.bandcamp.com)

Long running Detroit noise unit Wolf Eyes touch down in Toronto to drip some of their psycho-jazz slow burners on the populace. Wasted guitar jams meander amongst crippled electronics. Layers of distortion give blistered songs a new meaning, as maligned vocals crawl through the thick air. Foreboding sparsity creates spiritual unrest. Languid sax shreds like the sound track to some lost Twin Peaks episode. Gnarled psych riffage curls back on itself. Electronic tones squeal and blister like some insect dialogue. These contemporary experimental noise pioneers have collaborated with Anthony Braxton, Merzbow, Sonic Youth, Richard Pinhas, John Wiese and loads more in their search for new sonic mutations. The current duo format of John Olson and Nate Young sees these long running agitators further evolving their quarter century old sonic language. A not to be missed mind destruction unit.

DRAINOLITH (https://drainolith.bandcamp.com)

Montreal’s Alexander Moskos’ (AIDS Wolf, Dan’l Boone, SEF III) broken blues project Drainolith feels like it’s always in motion. Angular guitar riffs and futureshock electronics drive songs that feel as frantic as they do languid. Moskos’ calm vocals drift across plains of unstable notes that jitter as if only held together by their common energy. Sonic structures sway, full of guitar notes, percussive & electronic jabs that evoke some collage-like assembly. Inspired as much by Robert Ashley as by Leonard Cohen, Drainolith is the iconoclast we need in rock-based music these days!

DEATH KNEEL (https://totalblack.bandcamp.com/album/adaptive-emotional-use)

Max Klebanoff’s (Tomb Mold) industrial noise unit thrives on buried rhythmic nodes under walls of crackling distortion and blistering sonic disfigurement. Nascent hums blossom into spectral ambient drones. Gnarled electronic pulses waver in grand fields of dissonance. Granulated tones crumble and reform as the tracking adjusts on Death Kneel's harsh noise synthesized into meditative soundscape creation.

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Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/699257978467693