Wet Tuna, Tony Price & Friends, Ami Spears, DJ Scarlett Rose

WET TUNA (https://wettuna.bandcamp.com)

PG Six and Matt Valentine (MV & EE) team up in Wet Tuna. Swampy psych guitars slither amongst glistening freak electronics and laid back drum machine. These two traveled story tellers bust out languid psych melodies, notes twisting around themselves, layers of effects and distortion slide from one passage to the next. Brewing the the cosmic concoction. New LP out on Feeding Tube. Grip it at the gig!


Tony Price (Actual Water), Colin Fisher (Not The Wind, Not The Flag, Fake Humans) and Matt "Doc" Dunn (The Cosmic Range) deep dive into a world of space-y psych textures feeding off kraut jazz influences. Price's song writing chops pull together tight structures full of the right amount of space for master free wheelers Fisher & Dunn to feel out the scene. Looped & effected horn & flute moods swirl over warmly haunting keyboards. Clattering drums make way for a creeping anthem that merges Can sensibilities with the power of spiritual jazz in some acid fuel Monks / Doors next level jam. One of Toronto's best kept secrets!


Long time Toronto scene agitator Spears takes the solo route with her Bardo project. Droning guitar notes whisper as they pass each other in the night. Meditative rhythms flow like an underground river. Slow distorted tones bounce in a weightless environment. Come on time to get in the zone.


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Wet Tuna, Tony Price & Friends, Ami Spears, DJ Scarlett Rose

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