Video Vengeance #10 - Never Too Young To Die 1986 - Free VHS Screening!

Star Lord may be tearing up the box office charts right now in Guardians of the Galaxy, but what about the similarly named "New Breed of Hero", Stargrove?

He may only be a high school gymnast from earth, but Lance Stargrove played by John "STAMOS!!!" Stamos proves his ability to stand toe-to-toe with the aforementioned guardian when he has to avenge the death of his father secret agent Drew Stargrove - who was murdered by the diabolical, city-water-source-poisoning Van Ragnar deliriously performed by a drag-adorned Gene "Asshole" Simmons.

And along the way, Stargrove will attempt to seduce Vanity in a back-to-back Video Vengeance appearance! with... an apple?

So get ready to fly like you've never flown, and run into the danger zone at KITCH with this high-trampolinin', theme song singin' good time directed by Gil Bettman of Knight Rider and The Fall Guy.

It's the movie that had critics exclaiming:

"I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. I wanted to hide under my chair, but I was paralyzed with fear and disbelief." - scorpio-x IMDB User Review

"I wish to make it ABSOLUTELY CLEAR that I never either chose or paid money to see this stinkbomb." - Anonymous IMDB Review

"This movie is fucking off the chain awesome." - Mitch Lovell

"One hell of a good time!" - Weird World of Cult Films.

Plus, we'll have plenty of vintage VHS, Vinyl, and more treats as prizes!

Arrive by 8:00 to grab your favourite seats, snag some beer and eat some nachos. Introduction and FREE RAFFLE begins around 8:25 pm! Don't be late!

Presented by Modern Superior and hosted by KITCH.

229 Geary Ave, Toronto, Ontario

Video Vengeance #10 - Never Too Young To Die 1986 - Free VHS Screening!

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