Vibe One Love Exhibition Artshow

VIBEONELOVE at Superwonder Gallery is revamping local artisans in TO to promote healthy space for musicians and creators. We have designed a business model for our artisans to be paid fairly and for essentially no overhead costs, booth cost, rental fee etc to help support our artisans in Toronto as we recognize post covid and cost of living has resulted in causing artists to move from city or simply not "afford to show". As a result we have designed VIBEONELOVE Exhibition Show June 6th to June 11th at the new relaunched SUPERWONDER GALLERY at 1162 Bloor Street West . We will be having 30 exhibition artists showing their visual artwork including the works of Eliza Watts, Aether, Harvey,Guitard, Full Potential + much more . We will be hosting a Grand opening VIP party very limited to 50 tickets though throughout week Wednesday and Thursday during day will be Free to Public, Specialized events are Thursday June 8th 930pm to 2 am we have our LGBTQ2S+ PRIDE featured DJ sets, Friday 1pm to 8pm Workshops and Local Bands including GFU, GIRAFFE, BANK HEIST. Friday June 9th evening 10pm to 2am we are featuring DJ OSAZE(alternative mix). Saturday from 1pm to 7pm a day full of bands[(ncluding 5 local bands ) Saturday 10pm to 2pm a evening for our DRAW PARTY for a chance to win 1500 art piece and night of DJS and lastly our 20 booth artist /craft pop up market finale. For Blog TO anyone who buys a ticket with CODE : Vibe will get 10 % off to our expo specialized events, all funds will go to paying our artisans and art network to revamp TO again. Come support local artisans to be paid for their passions!

Here is our collections to our events with opportunities to buy tickets to our VIP, week long event or SUNDAY Finale Arts Market

CODE : Vibe (10%off)

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