VERSA album release party! Zoo Owl, Future Peers, DF

Celebrating the release of VERSA's first, self-titled album! Transforming The Redwood with media installations and audiovisual performances.

Performances by:

Future Peers

We're not quite sure if Future Peers are holed up in a post-apocalyptic bunker or the hull of a space ship but one thing is for certain, wherever they are these guys are having a blast.


Electronic performance artist

Marsh born avian hybrid

Builder of beats and lights

In Toronto


Montreal-based audiovisual duo.

Spacious, pulsing, emotive, bright.

Saxophone, looper, light.


VERSA is an audiovisual collective led by Monika Hauck and Alex Ricci. The duo create powerful instrumental music written around live looping bass guitar, and pair this with responsive projections that visualize sound.

Screenings by:

Jan Swinburne

Digital video work concerned with image generation, re/degeneration, meta-exposure, pixilation, glitch, noise, drones, visual and audio ambience, grid and organic forms

More TBA soon!

VERSA album release party! Zoo Owl, Future Peers, DF

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