Utopia Party

A celebration of New Earth, 5D, positive energy, spirituality, manifesting our best lives, cosmic quantum shifts, equality and love. This is an event for starseeds, yogis, healers, manifestors, loved based spiritual people, artists, hippies, mystics, creatives, and visionaries!

DJ Utopia is a bisexual Indian-Fijian starseed. We are here to celebrate everyone: all sexual orientations, all ethnicities, everyone!

Our music is quintessentially Toronto: DIVERSE A F. Bhangra, Afrobeats, Hindi, House, Hip Hop, Reggaeton, Drum and Bass, EDM, Rock, Metal, Dancehall, Pop, Punk, etc. ALL CULTURES ARE REPRESENTED HERE! Take a sonic world wide trip through music.

Utopia has chosen Toronto to happen. The whole world is here. Let’s celebrate each other!

The music that will be played is selectively curated with positive words and good overall messages. Songs will be about love, success, financial abundance, having fun, living our best lives, etc. because the goal is to manifest good things! There will be a good mix of songs that you possibly know and songs that you definitely don’t. A balance of total surprises and familiar favourites.

There will be vegan and non-vegan bubble tea and smoothies with the option to add THC to your drink. In Indian culture, THC infused smoothies are called BHANG LASSI and are super rare to find outside of India! The Vedas describe Bhang as a promoter of relaxation and good energy. Even in South Asia, this drink is rare and is only drank during special occasions. This is a super rare and unique opportunity that would otherwise cost you a $2000 plane ticket to India! 19+ ID required for THC drinks. There is no alcohol sold at this venue. It’s an all ages event!

What will you be manifesting at Utopia Party? A room full of heart centred people manifesting our best lives through music and dance is a powerful thing!

Come find your community at Utopia Party!


DJ Utopia: https://instagram.com/nova.utopia777

March 29, 2023 at Clubhouse Toronto, 643 Yonge St. (Requires stairs to access.) 7:30 pm - 12:00 am.

Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/utopia-party-tickets-569841159247?fbclid=IwAR3GkqZn2UTtYZvzCjh5X4IdvirXa1fFXsufMa55RJ_kTc72tkIpE8uImX0